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Last Updated: Monday October 31 2005 15:50 GMT

Quiz: Toilet trouble

Toilet sign.

Question 1

What is the old-fashioned name for a toilet?

A: Water closet
B: Water drawer
C: Water cupboard

Question 2

The average person spends how many years of their life on the toilet?

A: 3
B: 4
C: 5

Question 3

What did people in the Middle Ages do with their toilet waste?

A: They threw it onto the roads
B: They threw it in rivers
C: They buried it in the ground

Question 4

Why should you put the toilet lid down before you flush?

A: It makes the flush louder
B: To clean the toilet
C: To stop germs escaping

Question 5

When were the first separate toilets for men and women?

A: At a posh French party in 1739
B: At a chip shop in Essex in 1911
C: At a shoe shop in Germany in 1845

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