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Last Updated: Tuesday November 01 2005 18:52 GMT

What are you doing for Halloween?

Trick or treat - it's Halloween!

We want to know what you're planning to do.

Are you going to get dressed up and go to a party? Maybe you'll indulge in a bit of trick or treating?

Or did you do something at the weekend instead?

Maybe you don't celebrate Halloween at all?

E-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

Yesterday me and my best friend went trick or treating and when people said 'What's the trick?' We said we'd turn them into a toad. It was really good fun because we had face painting and ate pizza
Anna, 10, Grantham

I went trick or treating with my brother but I didn't have a bag so I used my witches hat!!!
Joanna, 9, Birmingham

I went trick or treating with my cousins and had a Halloween party.
Max, 11, East Peckham

I am going to a friend's house for a Halloween party!
Harriet, 10, Mickleton

I'm going trick or treating with my friend but we get a bag each so we get lots of sweets!
Chloe, 9, Ryther

I'm not allowed to go trick or treating. It is so unfair.
Mary, 9, Skipton

I'm just staying in because I think its boring but I will probably eat the left over sweets that the trick or treaters don't get.
Alex, 10, Cornwall

Well this year were having the best Halloween party ever! We've decorated our house like I don't know what. There's pumpkins and scary things everywhere. My mums even cooked and made fantastic scary party food. I cant wait for the party.
Nosheen, 10, Accrington

I am going out trick or treating - you are never too old!
Angharad, 14, Wales

I have to go trick or treating with my sister and her friend but because she hates sweets I get her share
Heva, 13, Preston

My brother had a party at the weekend and we are going trick or treating tonight dressed as the lion, the witch and the wardrobe!
Michelle, 14, Huddersfield

I was going to go trick or treating, but my mum and dad won't let me.
Sarah, 13, Hastings

I'm going trick or treating with my friend and her sister. Anyway, we wanted to have a party between us four but our parents wouldn't let us!
Rebecca, 11, Milton Keynes

I'll be going out with the rest of my family to try and get away from all the Halloween rubbish! It's getting like America - so tacky.
Max, 13, Sevenoaks

I'm going trick and treating then I'm going to stay up all night and eat Halloween themed food.
Zoe, 12, Southampton

I cannot stand Halloween and have no intention of ever celebrating it. I think that what Kate from Aylesbury's church does is great, I wish there was one at my church.
Samuel, 15, Basingstoke

I'll be handing out sour sweets to the trickers and treaters.
Natasha, 14, Essex

I am going trick or treating with two of my friends. I am dressing up as a zombie!
Alice, 12, Cambridge

I'm going to watch a scary episode of Buffy and give sweets out to trick or treaters...
Sarah, 14, Essex

Our old neighbours are coming to our house and we're going trick-or-treating. Then we're going to their house for a PAR-TAY! Only bad thing is, or neighbour's son is a total grouch and I'll have to hold the little girl's hand all night. Boo!
Emer, 11, Belfast

Mum and dad won't let me go out anymore on Halloween - even during the day!
Sarah, 13, Kidderminster

Me and my friends are going to a graveyard near us to scare ourselves and to see ghosts! We're also going trick or treating!
Leelah, 13, Tunbridge Wells

It's my mum's birthday too so I'm dressing up. We're having fire works, lasers, bubble machine and a smoke machine and a few of my friends are coming round.
Katie, 13, Inverness

I can't go trick or treating... it's not safe here! Plus no one else around me speaks English so it would be pointless!
Claudia, 13, Russia

I used to love going out on Halloween but now there's too much danger and fright. Teenagers egg you and there are strange people hanging around because they know kids are going to be out and about.
Katie, 12, Pontypridd

I've never celebrated Halloween. What I usually do is go to a party at my church which is usually great fun because we do lots of anti-Halloween games and stuff!
Kate, 15, Aylesbury

I'm having a PARTTYYY!!! We're going to scare the trick or treaters! FUN!
Ash, 13, Chester

I WANT to go out trick or treating but I have had the flu for two weeks so have to catch up on my school work! Not very scary at all!
Sam, 13, Luton

I have to take my little sister out trick or treating tonight, but I get to eat half her sweets!
Jo, 13, Brighton

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