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Last Updated: Thursday April 21 2005 10:31 GMT

Album review: Will Smith - Lost And Found

Rapper Will Smith

Release date
29 March 2005


Will Smith's back and this time he's angry. Grrrrrrrr! It seems poor old Will can't understand why he doesn't get respect from other rappers and some fans even though he sells loads of copies of his stuff.

How many good tracks

Of the 17 we get in the UK, maybe 11 or 12.

Top tracks

Switch is a cracking tune, top Will Smith party track that gets you wriggling to the marching band-style beat. Not sure there's a real need for TWO other versions of the same song on the album, although at least one of them is a bonus track. Mr Niceguy sees Will get lots of anger off his chest, but he stills sounds extremely well-mannered in his criticism of people who have said nasty things about him. Tell Me Why with Mary J Blige is a very impassioned track about wrongs and injustices of the world and how difficult it is to explain why they happen.

Weakest track

Album opener Here He Comes is rubbish. Will making up his own words to the theme tune of the really old Spider-Man cartoon isn't big or clever. Not sure that Pump Ya Breaks works either, despite the presence of guest star Snoop Dogg. Scary Story, which kind of tells Will's rise to fame to one of his children is a bit too cute to be interesting.

Hit or miss

Hit. It's refreshing to hear someone rapping in a slightly different style to bigger (and angrier) names like Eminem and 50 Cent. And there's no swearing on Lost And Found either, which means you won't feel so embarrassed if your parents hear it.

NR rating:

Three out of five stars

Have YOU heard this album?

This has got to be his best album yet all the songs are great but my favourite has got to be switch its a fun loving tune and every time I hear it I have just got to get up and dance. Even my dad likes it so it must be good.
Sarah, 15, Preston

Whether Will acts, raps, or even performs he puts all he's effort into what he does and that's why it looks good or turns out good at the end. That is why I love his album, it actually sounds like he has worked hard on producing it and he has made great collaborations.
Oaitse, 14, Birmingham

I bought this album after hearing the first single off it and I have to say it's great. I think also that it is good that there's no swearing on it as us teenagers look up to Will Smith and if he doesn't swear we won't either.
Rashadil, 13, Ipswich

I think that Will Smith is an excellent actor and artist. I especially like his new album Lost and Found. My favourite song has got to be Switch as it makes you want to get up and dance to it.
Jon, 15, Chester

I think it's a great album and I have his old one.
Keisha, 10, Leicester

I think Will Smith's album is not the best I heard but it's ok - it's my second favourite.
Emily, 10, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I have heard this album and it is DA BOMB!!
Maor, 11, Florida

I think it's ok but maybe he should just stick to his acting career
Evie, 10, London

I've heard the album and it's actually not that bad, but Eminem and 50 Cent have a bit more beat and tune in their songs.
Ahlia, 10, London

Will's new album Lost and Found totally rocks. I got it the day it came out. My fave songs on it are Switch and Party Starter. They are all good.
Chrissy, 14, Leeds

I like this album because it's Will Smith at his best.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

Will Smith's album is amazing - "Switch " has got a really good rhythm . But Will Smith is an actor - why the singing when he could get on with making loads of other fantastic movies?
Ellie, 11, Carlisle

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