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Last Updated: Wednesday April 07 2010 11:42 GMT

Quiz: General Election

A ballot box

Question 1

How often must a General Election be held?

A: Every five years
B: Every six years
C: Every seven years

Question 2

On what date is the 2010 General Election?

A: 1 May 2010
B: 4 May 2010
C: 6 May 2010

Question 3

How many MPs will be elected in the 2010 General Election?

A: 550
B: 650
C: 750

Question 4

Where do people go to vote?

A: Polling station
B: Train station
C: Bus station

Question 5

What mark does the voter put next to their favourite candidate on the ballot paper?

A: A tick
B: A cross
C: A star

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