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Last Updated: Wednesday April 07 2010 15:13 GMT

In pictures: How votes are cast

Polling station

Votes are cast at a polling station. Many schools are turned into polling stations on election day

Handing over ballot papers

Voters are issued with a polling card, which they must hand over in order to receive their voting form

Poll booth

Votes are cast in private - usually in booths like these ones


The voter puts an X next to the name of the candidate they want to vote for

Ballot box

Then they post their voting form in a ballot box, which is secured so no-one can interfere with it

Ballot box

Once the polling station has closed, the ballot box is taken to where the votes are counted

Counting votes

An army of people is responsible for counting the votes

Counting votes

Once all the votes have been counted, the results are announced. It's really nerve-wracking!