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Last Updated: Sunday March 27 2005 15:41 GMT

Kids give thumbs up to new Dr Who

Dr Who
Kids have given a monster welcome to the new series of Dr Who which started on BBC1 on Saturday night.

Hundreds of children have emailed the Newsround website saying they loved the sci-fi show, and that the two main actors were great in their roles.

Many kids watched it with their parents, who remember the old series. "Fantastic. Now I know what my dad was going on about," said Joanna, 11.

"It was brill, I'm definitely watching it next week," added Billy, nine.

Bosses at the BBC are delighted that the Dr Who came top in the TV ratings on Saturday too. The new show attracted nearly 10 million viewers, compared to its main rival, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, which got 7.2 million viewers.

Loads of you thought it was interesting to watch the show with your parents, as many of them have favourite memories from when it was on TV from 1963 to 1989.

Megan, 11, from Grantham said: "I think Dr Who was amazing. I think the new one is better than the old one but my mum disagrees with me."

Billie Piper plays Rose
And Louise, 15, from Mansfield had this to say: "I thought it was cool but my mum was still scared of it."


Sarah, 13, from Herts said Dr Who has always been a big part of her family life. "My parents are big fans and love it, we even have a 5 ft Dalek in our living room that's from the original show!"

But it wasn't all praise.

Nosheen, 12, from Accrington said: "It was OK but what is all the fuss about? It's nothing special."

And 14-year-old Julia from Sheffield added: "I thought it was confusing and frankly stupid."


Dr Who is attacked by a dummy, called an auton
TV bosses have purposely aimed this new show at a younger audience, and have cast cool actor Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, and former pop star Billie Piper as his young assistant, Rose.

They've made it scary too with lots of cool special effects and some funny bits thrown in. And this seems to have gone down well.

Finian, six, from Kent, said: "I thought it was excellent. It was funny when the bin burped after swallowing Mickey."


And Steph, 11, from Birkenhead commented: "The dummies were really scary, I'm NEVER going downtown again! There's loads of dummies there!"

Some of you even thought it was a bit too frightening. "I think it was a bit scary. It should be on at a later time cos little kids will get scared," said Charlotte, nine, from Forestown.

Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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