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Teachers: PSHE: Prejudice

Last Updated: Friday October 28 2005 14:26 GMT

Worksheet: Racism scenarios

In 2000/2001 ChildLine received 525 calls and letters from children about racist bullying, and a further 47 calls and letters from children who had encountered other forms of racism.

Here are some of them:

1. Sharon, 16, is dating a Pakistani boy. Her parents are racist, so she has to keep her relationship a secret, which is making her feel anxious.

2. Sandra, 11, is called racist names as she is black. She is scared to tell her teacher, in case the bullying gets worse.

3. Ravinder, 15, is being beaten up by a group of boys at school, because he is Asian.

4. Alice, 9, is being bullied at school, as she is the only white girl in her class.

5. Clive, 13, has just moved to Scotland from England. A gang of Scottish boys at school calls him names.

6. Sunitta, 14, is being called racist names at school. Racist comments are also written about her on the wall of the toilets. Her teacher hasn't done anything about it.

7. Dina, 12, is teased because she is Italian. She has to have extra lessons for her English reading and writing. She feels nervous about going to school.


Imagine you are a ChildLine counsellor. What advice would you give these seven children?

1. Write down one suggestion you would give to each child.

2. Now compare it with your partner's advice.

3. In pairs, select the best piece of advice to give to each child.

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