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Last Updated: Wednesday November 02 2005 11:55 GMT

When I Was 12: Katie Leung

Katie Leung
As Cho Chang she's in Ravenclaw House, but what was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire actress Katie Leung like when she was at school?

Check out her answers to our questions!

Did you have school dinners or packed lunch?

I had a bit of both - I started off with school dinners, got bored and went onto packed lunches. I quite enjoyed them, I don't why people make such a big fuss about them and there's always chips!

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I had a special pen in class and I thought someone had stolen it so I went up to the teacher and told her about it.

She made the whole class try to find this pen and it went on for ages trying to find it and in the end it was in my hand!

I just didn't have the guts to tell her so I threw it somewhere and then picked it up and said 'I've found it!'

How much pocket money did you get?

I didn't really get pocket money. Whenever I wanted something my dad would probably get it for me.

What was your favourite cartoon?

I loved Cartoon Network and I always watched Johnny Bravo - I still watch it, I love him! And Tom and Jerry. Cartoons are great fun.

Who was your favourite teacher?

Miss Thompson from Primary 3. She was so beautiful and was the nicest person ever. I was teacher's pet so she was my favourite.

Did you have a favourite piece of clothing?

I went thought a period of wearing some trainers that I wouldn't let anyone touch and if it was raining I wouldn't wear them in case I got them dirty.

Were you ever bullied?

No - I've never had that problem. I think I went to a good school with good kids and I was friendly with a lot of them.

What did your school report say?

I've always been a really good pupil because I'm too scared to do anything bad! I've never had a punishment in my life which is sad - I wish I did because it's much cooler than being the goody two shoes all the time.

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