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Last Updated: Tuesday March 29 2005 17:41 GMT

What did you think of Dr Who?

Christopher Eccleston in Dr Who
Dr Who is back on BBC1 - after a break of nine years.

Christopher Eccleston plays the time-travelling Time Lord, with Billie Piper as his assistant.

It's one of the most popular TV shows ever in the BBC's history, and now it's been brought back with loads of cool special effects and storylines for 2005.

But what did YOU think of it? Is it a time-travelling treat or should it blast back into space?

E-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

It was really cool and the dummies were creepy because they looked real, the scariest ones were the little kid ones. But apart from that I loved it and will definitely watch it every week.
Simon, 15, York

I think the new series of Doctor Who is the best show on televison! I'm desperate to watch the next episode now - I don't know how I'm going to wait until next Saturday!!
Luke, 10, Hull

Wow, that's put me off shopping for life! It was brilliant!
Immy, 10, London

My dad was really excited about it, he was practically jumping up and down in his chair. But, after about ten minutes, our TV reception started going bad and within minutes it was just snow. Dad was furious.
Zoe, 12, Skipton

I thought it would be boring, but it was cool.
Michael, 10, Ash

I thought that Dr Who last night was brilliant. My parents thought it was great as well! they used to be obsessed with it when they were kids and it has lived up to there expectations! A good start to Dr. Who.
Catherine, 12, Glasgow

Dr who was funny and scary, I thought the actors where really good and the special effects where amazing
Zack, 13, London

Brilliant! I think Rose was amazing, I wish it was on every night not just Saturdays!
Gina, 11, Bristol

Best Thing I've EVER seen, it should be on every night!!
Douglas, 10, Stirling

In my opinion there are much more exciting programs on the telly
Mehreen, 10, Accrington

As being a fan of Doctor Who since I as 4, I was biting my nails at the prospect and I was not disappointed, My sister was wetting herself with fright! Brilliant job Russell.T.Davies!
Oscar, 13, Taunton

I thought it was brill. It was funny and serious at the same time. I remember when I first saw dr who, I was only young but it wasn't as good as the new one because it's aimed at the younger generation like me.
Simon, 14, Birmingham

Dr Who was amazing! I was hooked straight away, and I feel it is much better than ant and dec. I am definitely watching next week. Christopher Eccleston is superb!
Charlie, 11, Barkingside

I did enjoy the new version of Doctor Who, however, it isn't a serious as the previous episodes. However, one line that Rose says : "...I 've not got any A levels..." Which, frankly, are really important. That really wound me up. otherwise, I would say its fantastic!
Gwyneth, 14, Fife

I think Dr Who is brilliant, it was really funny, I loved the Tardis!
Samantha, 10, Leeds

Terrifying. Utterly terrifying. By the way, I'm not just a huge wimp. I'm scared of dummies. What a choice for the first episode! I was hiding behind a cushion within the first five minutes. .
Roja, 13

I thought it was stupid. I wasn't looking forward to the new series because I think it's best left untouched but I kept open-minded watching it. When the plastic monsters started to come alive I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The plot was totally stupid, I mean Ok, it's a television program but how could you not notice your boyfriend being eaten by a dustbin and then turning into plastic? I only hope next week will get better.
Maisy, 14, Southampton

It was really great - never seen the Doctor before but he was cool. Really loved the TARDIS - more please!
John, 12, Bournemouth

I thought it was great, Christopher Eccleston was amazing and finally we have found a programme that our family can watch as a whole that suits everyone!
Katy, 14, Macclesfield

I loved it. I love the old show too, and this one was great. It was funny, scary, the acting was great and the plot was cool and fast-paced. I thought it was brilliant and can't wait until next week.
Lauren, 14, Northampton

Very good, especially the effects. My dad thought it was brilliant! And he watched it as a kid big time.
Thomas, 11, Aberdeen

I thought it was just funny. I don't see why everyone thinks it's so scary, the dummies just made me laugh.
Genevieve, 11, Wisbech

It was really scary! I didn't even know it was going to be that good!
Georgia, 13, Spalding

I thought it was excellent! The special effects were great and it was funny. I think the walking dummies were done really well because I actually thought they were computer activated robots but they were real people!
Charlotte, 14, Leeds

The special effects are amazing, it was exciting, funny and scary - all the things you want from a TV series.
Seb, 13, Rochester

That was the best thing I've seen on TV in ages! Really exciting and spooky and clever. The Doctor was mad and brilliant and Rose was like someone you could meet for real. The walking dummies were well cool and very scary. Top stuff.
Abigail, 13, Leeds

I thought Dr Who was amazing. I think the new one is better than the old one but my mum disagrees with me.
Megan, 11, Grantham

I thought it was cool but my mum was still scared of it.
Louise, 15, Mansfield

It was really good. Those dummies were scary!
Charlotte, 14, Cornwall

Dr Who was brill. All of my family thought it would be really boring and scientific just like the last series but we were really surprised.
Laura, 13, Cheadle

The show is fabulous, I really enjoyed it and I'm really looking forward to seeing the next episode.
Beth, 13, St Albans

I think Dr Who is amazing. It's funny and it's just so good.
Simarjit , 12, Leicester

Don't know what everyone's on about! Sci-fi programmes are a waste of time. I've got better things to do on a Saturday night.
Nicola, 13, Scotland

I loved all the effects, the Doctor is an amazing character, really believable. Can't wait till next week! PS: Not all Doctors have a scarf it was only Tom!
Yvette, 12, West Midlands

I prefer the old series of Doctor Who. But I did think the new episode was Ok.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I thought it was a really great show. A bit spooky though. I can't wait for the next episode.
Katherine, 12, Isle of Wight

Our family loved it, mum and dad of course remember the original, we thought Christopher and Billie were very likeable and believable. Excellent.
James, 13, Bolton

It was soooooo cool! I got really freaked out by those dummies!
Courtney, 12, Somerset

Just like the Doctor said - Fantastic. Really looking forward to more. Now I know what my dad was always going on about. The Doctor seems like fun and Rose was good too.
Joanna, 11, Nottingham

IT WAS THE BEST!! I'm so glad they decided to make a new series and I think that Christopher Eccleston was excellent as the doctor. It makes a change to see a younger looking Dr Who.
Kirsty, 14, Harlow

It was alright, a little bit corny and what happened to Dr Who's long scarf?! I'm going to watch it next week though!
Sam, 15, Essex

Dr Who was amazing! I loved it - I could watch it all the time and never get bored.
Kate, 14, Townlake

I LOVED IT! It was really really really really good! And its only on once a week! : ( I can't WAIT till the next one! The dummies were really scary though, I'm NEVER going downtown AGAIN! There's loads of dummies there!
Steph, 11, Birkenhead

I think Dr Who is amazing it was so cool. The Dummies were freaky but still I could watch it over and over again.
Daniel, 11, Fareham

It was soooooooo wicked. Christopher Eccleston was amazing and Billie Piper's character was just as good. Definitely one 2 watch.
Chloe, 12

I don't no what all the fuss is about, it's only another TV programme.
Afsha, 13, London

Christopher Eccleston was so funny and Rose was brilliant. I'm going to watch it again next week!
Sophie, 13, Herts

Brilliant! Really exciting and scary and funny! Can't wait for next week!
Michael, 14, Northampton

I think that it looks really good because Christopher Eccleston is a really good actor!!!
Kris, 12, Wigan

I didn't watch it. My sister did though and said it was ok but not my cup of tea!!!!!
Carly, 14, Southport

I'm just trying to spot all the places I recognise as it was filmed around here!
Emily, 15 ,Cardiff

Dr Who looks really cool - and I LOVE Billie Piper's character Rose. How scary were those dummies?
Clare, 13, Middlesex

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