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Last Updated: Monday October 31 2005 08:48 GMT

I saw a ghost!

Abigail saw a ghost (photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
It's Halloween and there's loads of spooky stuff going on.

Abigail, who's the daughter of author GP Taylor, experienced this first hand when she actually saw a ghost while she was on holiday!

She tells us all about her scary encounter.

"When I was about seven I went on a family holiday in Scotland. We stayed at a really big, old hotel.

We were in two rooms which were attached to each other. It was me and my big sister in one room and my parents were in the next room.

I was sleeping on the top bunk and I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. I saw an old woman at the end of the bed. She was just standing there staring at me.

'Peeked out'

I was looking through the ladder in the bunk bed and I could see her clearly. She was just standing there on the floor.

A ghostly image
I was just really, really scared. I ducked under my covers and stayed under there. I peeked out and had another look and she was still there. So I just waited and waited. I was always taught to pray when I was scared so I did.

When I looked again for the third time she was gone. So I ran into my mum and dad's room.

I said to them: 'I've seen a ghost!'

Picture on the wall!

My dad said it was my imagination and they calmed me down.

But the next day when we went down to breakfast we found out the hotel used to be a hospital in the war. There were old photos of lots of the nurses on the walls and the ghost I saw was one of the women in the pictures! The ghost was wearing a pinny and a little white cap!

We had to stay there a couple more nights, I was still scared. I slept in my mum and dad's room!


My parents were very reassuring though.

My dad is a vicar and he does exorcisms, so he went and did an exorcism in the hotel room. He just told it to go and he told me there was nothing there now. But I was still too scared to go in there.

Even now it still makes me a bit scared to think about it. I find things like ghosts really scary but I do find it quite interesting hearing other people's stories."

Abigail, 14

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