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Last Updated: Saturday March 26 2005 09:35 GMT

I'm a vegan

Press Packer Sam

Vegans are strict vegetarians who don't eat or use any animal products at all - even milk chocolate.

Sam from Rutland writes about why he decided to become a vegan.

"Over the summer of 2003 I became involved with an organisation which investigates factory farming and cares for rescued animals and the pictures I saw in their investigation reports shocked me into going vegetarian.

I'd never thought about where my food really came from before, I just assumed it was from happy animals on happy farms but now I've learnt that this isn't the case.

Becoming a vegan

Seven months later and I'm now a vegan - recently I've learnt about the atrocities in dairy farming and egg production and I read about the health benefits of a vegan diet.

Now I avoid anything derived from animal sources - including flesh by-products such as leather, gelatine, wool and animal rennet and I also don't eat eggs or dairy products.


Instead I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans, pulses and also fortified foods such as tofu, soya and mycoprotein.

I also have an appetite for vegan chocolate and I like to eat fake meat occasionally!


I'm a member of The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society and I am looking forward to promoting this year's National Vegetarian Week (23-29 May) and World Vegan Day on 1st November."

Sam, 15, Rutland

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