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Last Updated: Thursday November 24 2005 08:04 GMT

I'm part of an environmental club


Press packer Lisa and her friends are part of the Eco-nomics, a group that looks after the environment at their school.

In her report Lisa tells us what her group does to help the environment. She also explains how everyone can become more environmentally friendly.

"I am a class rep for a group in our school called the Eco-nomics.

The Eco-nomics try to protect the environment.

We focus on looking after our environment at school, and trying to recycle as best we can at home too.

What we do

Every break time, a couple of us clear up the litter in and around the school. We have competitions at our school to spread the message about recycling.

We also have five recycle bins around the school which we use to recycle paper, and we make sure we use both sides of the worksheets in class so nothing goes to waste.


Judges come to look at our school and see how we care for it, and award the Eco-nomics flags for our efforts.

There are three flags, bronze, silver and green. At the moment, we are trying to achieve a bronze flag but hopefully we can achieve green next year.

In the future we are planning to plant a garden to attract more wildlife to the area.

Getting involved

If you would like your school to be more environmentally friendly you could speak to a teacher about what your school could do for the environment.

You could even ask your parents for a patch in the garden where you could plant a few flowers.

You can help save energy and the environment, by just remembering to do simple things, like switching the light off when you leave a room.

Even small changes can make a big saving to the environment.

Remember we only get one world, we should try and look after it as best we can."

Lisa, 11, West Lothian

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