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Last Updated: Thursday October 27 2005 07:55 GMT

I'm pleased with the N Ireland smoking ban

Laura was happy with the announcement that smoking would be banned in all workplaces, public areas and pubs in Northern Ireland by April 2007.

In her report, she tells us why England and Wales should follow Northern Ireland's example.

"On 17th October 2005, the government announced that there is to be a smoking ban in all public places by 2007 in Northern Ireland.

I was so pleased.

I have spent several holidays in the Republic of Ireland, where there is already a smoking ban in place.

The atmosphere is so much more pleasant!

Passive smoking

You can come home without smelling of smoke and it means that you don't have the worry about the effect of passive smoking to your health.

I think it is unfair if you get lung cancer or other smoking related diseases because of passive smoking.

It is also unfair that asthma sufferers have to deal with sometimes being in smoky atmosphere when they go out.

Follow the example

Some people think the smoking ban will ruin the traditional idea of a typical Irish pub.

But does it really matter about traditions if smokers are ruining our health?

I hope England and Wales will follow our example and ban smoking too."

Laura, 13, Co. Down

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