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Last Updated: Tuesday October 25 2005 15:50 GMT

Goblet press conference in full

The cast

Established Potter stars Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were joined by new cast members at a special event to launch Goblet Of Fire.

The movie will premiere in London on 6 November.

CBBC Newsround squeezed into the packed press conference to get the latest gossip from the film's stars, plus director Mike Newell and producer David Heyman.

It was probably the first time under the spotlight for Stanislav Ianevski (Viktor), Clemence Poesy (Fleur), Katie Leung (Cho) and Robert Pattinson (Cedric), but they coped really well.

Check out what everyone had to say..

What's it been like for the new cast members?
Robert: It was a great experience. I'd never done anything on this scale or budget, Everything about it was an incredible epic experience.

Clemence: It was the first time I found myself in such a big movie. We were all welcomed and it made things easier for us.

Katie: Words cannot describe the experience. It's just been amazing.

Stanislav: It was great to be part of such a large picture. I have enjoyed every single moment and I hope to experience it again.

What was it like directing the film?
Mike: It was very daunting to start with. The book is as big as a house brick and one is unsure how to attack it. Little by little you lose your terror of it. At the end of it looking back, I am terribly proud.

Dan and Katie
Dan and Katie

Who would be your dream Yule Ball date?
Daniel: I recently saw a film with Natalie Portman in it and I fell in love with her, so Natalie Portman, or maybe Scarlett Johansson.

Emma: I cannot think of anyone in particular.

How have things changed since you made the first film?
Daniel: It's been an odd five years but it's been great. We've got a while before the films end and we're not confirmed in the roles beyond the fifth film.

It's become easier to act in each of the films. I've been through all the same stuff as Harry - like the hormones and everything. I've been doing it since I was 11, so it makes it easier in the long run.

Emma: It felt like I didn't have to act at times. I know Hermione so well. There's so much of her in me, and me in her. It's been wonderful and I'm very fond of Hermoine's character. She's turning into someone that people can identify with and she's a great role model.

Rupert: When I did the first film, it was a bit scary. I've probably learned a lot since then. Mike (the director) was great. We had a really good laugh.

How did you get your copy of HBP?
Emma: I queued up like everyone else.

Daniel: I got it off Amazon. If I had queued up, I probably would have been signing things for six hours!

What do you think should happen next in Potter?
Emma: Hermoine and Ron have got to get together - it's been going on for so long!

Daniel: For it to be set in a more exotic location - like Thailand or the Caribbean!

What music/bands do you like?
Rupert: I like rock - stuff like AC/DC and The Killers.

Emma: The most recent CD I bought was Imogen Heap. My music is split into what I like listening to and what I like dancing to. I like listening to mellow stuff like Damien Rice and Natalie Imbruglia. I like dancing to hip hop.

Daniel: Music is something I'm quite passionate about, so I might go on a bit. There's a new band called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I also like The Rakes, Dogs, Hard-Fi, The Libertines - although unfortunately they are no more - and an American band called Louis XIV. Has anyone heard of them?

Most embarrassing film moment?
Daniel: My most embarrassing moment was the dancing. And I really wanted to be good at it because my parents are championship-winning dancers!

What's next for you?
Daniel: My next film is set in Australia. It's about four boys who have grown up in an orphanage in the outback. And then they get some money and send the boys to the sea for a couple of weeks. It took five and a half weeks and there was no blue screen!

Rupert, Emma and Dan
Rupert, Emma and Dan

Emma: One of the things that made me want to get into acting was being on a stage in front of a live audience, so I might try something in the theatre next.

One of the amazing that has come out of all this is the all the options I have from now. I'm reading away and trying to find something I fall in love with. I'd like to do something quite different and a bit smaller.

What do you think about Goblet being a 12A?
Emma: The audience who were the first fans of Harry Potter have grown up with the films. We may have lost some of the much younger audience, but I'm in it and I was scared!

This book is much more of a thriller than it has ever been before. The films have always been about being faithful to the books and we cannot avoid the fact that someone dies in it. They have made something that is true to the book.

How did you get on with the cast?
Mike: I didn't want them to think of me as an authority figure. They had grown up to the point where they had a lot to give. So I had a fight with one of the Weasley twins in a bid to lose my dignity. They wouldn't see me as a authority figure if I was rolling around in the dust with a 17-year-old!

What do you think about the power the roles have given you?
Emma: It's not about power, it's more of a responsibility. So many kids live and breathe the books. They have made an impact on many people's lives and we are aware that they are fond of the characters. I was a huge fan before I was in the films.


Daniel: Some people find it hard to believe that we have normal lives. We are able to go out and things although sometimes it's advisable to wear a hat! I only feel famous about twice a year at that's at the premieres.

Do you have boyfriends or girlfriends?
Emma: No

Daniel: I have had a girlfriend, but I haven't got one at the moment.

Rupert: No, not at the moment. I'm learning to drive - so that's taking up a lot of time!

Katie: No

Daniel: We are all sad, sad single people!

Where would you take someone on a date?
Daniel: I don't know. Paintballing?

Emma: How about to the cinema, or for coffee?

Rupert: I really don't know.

What have been your highlights so far?
Emma: Seeing the finished productions and getting to visit amazing places like China and New York. The last five years have been an amazing, amazing experience. It's been a highlight of my life.

Rupert: Getting the part for the first film. The travelling you get to do. I missed a lot of school too, which I don't regret!

How has the film changed things for you?
Stanislav: I'm from Bulgaria. It isn't a very big country and not very well known around the world. Harry Potter means a lot. I have been praised as a little hero over there!

I thought I would feel like a new schoolboy, but we have been extremely warmly welcomed and got to know each other really soon. I gained confidence really quickly and, with the help of Mike (the director), I have really, really enjoyed it.

Katie: I have had such an enjoyable experience. Before all this, I was just a typical schoolgirl. I was really, really shy at school. Doing this has brought me so much confidence. I'm much more outgoing and outspoken. That's been the greatest achievement for me.

Clemence: Mike wanted us to know each other a bit before we started, so we went on a workshop for a couple of weeks. We were all together so we didn't feel shy about acting in front of each other.

Dan and Emma
Dan and Emma

Will Harry be ditching his glasses?
Daniel: I tried contacts in the first film. Harry has green eyes and mine are too blue. But they were so painful that I had to take them out. I won't be going back down that road if I can avoid it!

Harry has made glasses cool. It's one of the biggest gifts that Harry Potter has given to the world!

What was your highlight of the last year?

Daniel: I went to the Reading Festival for the first time this year. They were some of the best days of my life. By the end, we were completely exhausted. We hadn't had proper sleep in three days, but it didn't matter because it was just so cool!

Emma: Switching on the lights in Oxford Street. I will remember that for the rest of my life.

What progress has there been on the OOTP film?
David: We're starting filming in February. We are searching everywhere for the right Luna. We are in discussions with Imelda Staunton about Professor Umbridge, but we don't know what will happen there. We also have in mind a Tonks and a Shacklebolt, but we haven't yet made a deal.

Has Daniel been playing any more pranks?

Daniel: I did one on the first film. It's a sad moment when the main priority goes from making fun of people to school, but I was doing my GCSEs last year and they took the place of a lot of other things.

I'll make up for it in the fifth film. I might chuck a can of paint over Alan Rickman, or a massive can of paint over the entire cast!

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