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Last Updated: Wednesday March 23 2005 18:30 GMT

How much do you sunbathe?

On the beach
Cancer Research UK says the number of people developing skin cancer is likely to treble by 2035 unless we change our sunbathing habits.

So with the weather starting to hot up, we want to know how much you sunbathe.

Are you a sun worshipper? Do you love to lie out until you toast?

Maybe you use sunbeds to top up your tan during the winter months?

Or are you really conscious of how much sun you get and make sure you don't have too much?

E-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I live in Spain so I'm constantly in the sun. I have very pale skin and freckles which makes me prone to sun burn. I wear factor 60 on my face and shoulders and on the rest of my body I wear 20. I am very aware of skin cancer because many people have told me to watch my skin because I am so pale. I often burn easily so it's extremely worrying for my parents and I. My advice is wear a high factor sun cream..
Kim, 14, Spain

I don't sunbathe at all. I would rather be totally white.
Jay, 14, Scotland

I don't really sunbathe but whenever I go to the beach or something, I normally wear sun cream to protect my skin.
Aisha, 12, Slough

I always sunbathe but I have never got burnt. Every year I go to India in the summer and it is always very hot. I have not got burnt yet!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

i never sunbathe and I never will. When I am on holiday my mum makes me put on sun lotion. I don't know why because I don't tan or burn anyway.
Heather, 11, East Kilbride

I sometimes sunbathe when I go to the beach. But I'm very fair so have to use loads of sunscreen.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I never ever sunbathe!! My reasons being that I only have to walk about in the sun and I get burnt so I would be bright red if I sunbathed. Also, I hate lying about for long periods of time, I would get incredibly restless!
Amy, 15, Edinburgh

I hardly ever sunbathe, and even then it isn't on the beach. I just lie on a blanket on the garden with my mates and we close our eyes and chat, only in the summer though.
Becky, 10, Oswestry

I would like a natural tan but never tan and just got on with it. I think people should do that and not use fake tan because 99.9% of the time you just go ORANGE! I don't sunbathe very often only on holiday but most of the time I wear sun cream.
Sarah, 14, Chester

My whole family are sun worshipers apart from my Dad who cooks like a lobster! And as we have just bought a place abroad, we'll be spending ALOT more time out in the sunshine.
Emily, 15, Cardiff

I enjoy the sun it brightens up my day! But I don't like too much, it's too hot and without protection you could get burnt.
Lisa, 13, Southampton

I don't sunbathe at all - if you ask me, it's pointless, boring, and a health risk. I do like the sun though - don't get me wrong - I just do useful things in it, besides - I want to be pale white, not brown or red!
Lou, 14, Norwich

I think that sunbathing is a waste of time, I prefer to spend my time swimming and playing in the pool.
Sally, 14, Oakham

I'm going to Florida tomorrow and I'm going to sit in the sun and get an awesome tan. I love to lie in the sun in the summer and sleep.
Jessie, 15, USA

I only sunbathe when I'm on holiday but I do wear loads of sunscreen to protect me
Helen, 13, London

I don't really sunbathe. When I'm on holidays I would sometimes sunbathe on the beach but I always use a really high sun cream. I go brown but I don't burn.
Eleanor, 12, Dublin

I'm really pale so I get REALLY burnt if I don't use high factor sun cream, but I still sunbathe a lot.
Caeli, 14, Stoke-on-Trent

I come from Kuwait. It's extremely hot and sunny there, so after living there all my life, my skin has adapted to it; it's got a natural tan and I never EVER get sunburnt. But I still put sun cream on to stop cancer.
Hannan, 14, Newcastle

I love running around in the sun but I HATE sunbathing! I think it's boring to lie there and do nothing instead of messing about in the sea.
Marlene, 12, Belfast

I think that sunbathing is a stupid thing to do. Of course people like the hot weather but that doesn't mean that they have to go and lie in it for hours at a time. Pale people are just as attractive and clever as tanned people. Personally, I would rather be healthy and pale.
Kate, 13, Nottingham

I'm a redhead which means I'm more likely to burn than other people so I also use very high-factor sun cream when I go outside. Besides, fake tan looks great, it's healthier and it's not that expensive!
Sarah, 13, Herts

I love the sun! It makes me happy so I'm outside a lot when it's sunny. I make sure that I wear sun cream though so that I don't burn.
Robyn, 13, Brighton

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