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Last Updated: Monday October 24 2005 10:27 GMT

What unusual hobbies do you have?

Woman knitting
Katie Holmes has joined a long line of celebs who have taken up knitting as a hobby.

It might seem a strange thing for stars to enjoy but loads of them love it!

We want to know if YOU have any unusual hobbies?

Do you love doing something that is a bit different and your mates just can't understand why you like it?

Perhaps you collect something strange or love playing bowls with your nan?

E-mail us your stories!.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

I live on a farm so I like collecting animals. I have a dog called Sam, 5 cows, 3 horses but my favourite of them all are my sheep - especially Dolly, she is lovely.
Saj, 12, Rhymney

My hobby is watching Newsround. I love it so much!!!
Laura, 11, Stafford

I love to collect hair from different people. I may even get some from a celebrity one day!
Beckie, 11, Bolton

I'm obsessed with Harry potter too! And writing in hieroglyphics!
Richard, 15, Bude

I go to taekwondo. it's a type of martial arts.
Cara, 11, Scunthorpe

Whenever I'm in the woods, I'll pick up a stick and start peeling it. I find it quite fun. Weird eh?!?!
Tessa, 10, Cambs

I like to push the holes in fences that have wood coming out of them.
Leelah, 13, Kent

I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, I can't stop reading it. I've read them all 31 times (well not the newest one yet.) I can't wait til the next. I can do tons of quotes from the books n films. Sometimes I scare myself. lol
Jem, 15, Mansfield

Me and my sister always play pretend games with each other. Inventing different characters. It's really fun. You have a go!! You might find that you will enjoy it.
Chloe, 14, London

I also like to find shapes in clouds, I just stop and stand anywhere and start looking at the sky...and I also like to find shapes in the patterns of our science lab tables...weird, I know, my friends tell me all the time... and I'm a library freak, people have to physically get me out of libraries...and bookshops!
Rika, London

I like to collect insects - then let them go again.
Ty, 13, Deovn

I have an unusual hobby of chopping up bits of coloured wool. I started this three weeks ago.
Abi, 9, Devon

I collect different types of place mats!
Rebecca, 8, Leeds

I collect those pom-poms with googly eyes and furry feet.
Helen, 13, York

I love collecting photos of elephants! They are such interesting creatures, my bedroom wall is full of pictures!
Fran, 13

I collect sweets.
Natalie, 13, London

When we go to Cornwall I always go to the same beach by myself and sit on the big rock and watch the sea for hours.
Naomi, 13, Ewell

I can't stop playing songs in my head- I literally always have a song in my head! Sometimes it's impossible to focus in class.
Sarah, 14, Essex

I like to collect model planes. It's weird because I don't like flying on them!
Hilary, 11, Paisley

I kick a stick down the street whenever I see one.
James, 9

I collect cinema tickets to remember when and what I went to see!
Laurie, 15, Birkhill

I have the weird habit of collecting pencil cases, in total I have around 50 different types!! I just love collecting them!
Kazzy, 15, Norwich

I like to look at the stars and try to find shapes.
Lucy, 8, Essex

I collect loads of old records, I make my own jewellery and I spend my weekends doing aboriginal Australian artwork!
Emma, 13, London

I like doing homework as soon as I get it! MEGA CRINGE!
Sarah, 12, London

I collect coins, like I have loads of foreign ones and a penny from 1908.
Cookiewookie, 10, Liverpool

I like collecting string
Charlotte, 11, Aylesbury

I collect different types of carpet.
Kerry, 14, Chesterfield

I collect My Little Ponys from car boots. I find that they are really interesting with all their different colours and symbols. My friends think I am odd but I really enjoy spending my pocket money on them. So far I have over 100!!!!
Isis, 12, Beaconsfield

I am a juggle addict, I just cannot stop in school. I always end up juggling in maths with pencil sharpeners. I luv it all!!!
William, 11, Chelmsford

I like to draw. I draw everything that I watch in TV and magazines.
Erick, 15, Mexico

I think that my unusual hobby is to look at the stars and moon. Another unusual hobby is to make some little paper stars. Also I collect some strange tree leaves, I like to collect them and to keep them to make bookmarks, I enjoy it a lot.
Lucia, 15, Mexico

I love doing jigsaws, especially really hard ones.
Eadaoin, 11, Armagh

I collect anything that has you do with Hilary Duff, posters, cds and anything else!!! Hilary Duff is the best!!!
Kate, 12, Limavady

I like keeping the make of the tag from clothes that I buy.
Jodie, 13, St. Albans

I like to sit in my room all day. That's my favourite hobby.
Leann, 13, Claremore

I love to write. I do it all the time! I keep talking to my friends and family about my stories and they are starting to get annoyed!
Ana, 14, Nottingham

I am obsessed with buses for some strange reason.....whenever I hear one, I rush to the window to see which one it is I also talk about buses to my friends and they get kinda sick of it!
Michelle, 14, Huddersfield

I am obsessed with buses for some strange reason.....whenever I hear one, I rush to the window to see which one it is I also talk about buses to my friends and they get kinda sick of it!
Michelle, 14, Huddersfield

One of my favourite past time is observing my surroundings. It may seem odd, but I catch myself frequently sitting around and just looking at things happening around me.
Ramesh, 15, Kuala Lumpur

I collect anything Eeyore - socks, mugs, flannels - you name it, I have it!
Rebecca, 12, Banbury

I like to sit and people-watch...I'm sure other people do that too!
Katy, 15, Paisley

I pretend to be a teacher. I make spread sheets and stuff. I write things and do questions and stuff like that. I also like all the old music
Gemma, 11, Liverpool

I used to collect shells but I threw them out long time ago Now I collect beads ...jewellery .. and posters of all celebs!!!
Linda, 13, Wales

I've been doing French knitting since I was about 6
Sarah, 13, Herts

I collect business cards..
Chloe, 11, Edgware

I sometimes like to just stand and admire plants and flowers, and when I do that at school (our school's gardens are great!) my friends think I'm a freak...I don't blame them, but what I do isn't exactly the worst thing anyone can do, is it?
Rika, 15, London

I know it may seem a bit stupid, and sad, but I love making slides on PowerPoint. Pretending that I'm a teacher. I get all the subjects from your website, on the teacher's section, and I learn something from it. I make my slides bright and colourful. I've completed 10 subjects already!!!!!
Nosheen, 12, London

I collect sugar lumps which my mates think is a bit odd.
Claire, 11, Cornwall

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