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Last Updated: Saturday October 22 2005 10:45 GMT

How can I start gymnastics?

Gymnast on the rings apparatus
To find your local gymnastics club just call the following number and they will be able to tell you where it is if you give them your post code:

0845 1297129

You can also check out the membership information on the British Gymnastics if you go to the link on the right hand side.

How much does it cost?

You will need to pay an annual membership fee to British Gymnastics of 15. The cost of joining your local club will vary depending on the club.

The cost for coaching sessions will either be charged per term or on a weekly basis, depending on the type of coaching your club offers.

What equipment do I need?

You don't need any equipment as it is all provided in the gymnasium.

You will need a leotard though. There are different types for boys and girls and they can bought from sport shops. The cost varies on the size and design.

Guide to Gymnastics