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Last Updated: Wednesday November 30 2005 13:17 GMT

Film review: Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee

Release date
21 October (Cert U)

The stars
Emma Thompson is Nanny McPhee, Colin Firth is Mr Brown and his children are played by Thomas Sangster, Eliza Bennet, Raphael Coleman, Jennifer Rae Daykin, Sam Honywood and Holly Gibbs.

The plot

Since their mother died, the seven children of Mr Brown are so naughty and out-of-control that every nanny they have ever had runs screaming from their house.

But Mr Brown has more than his children's behaviour to worry about. He has been told by his evil Aunt Adelaide that if he doesn't marry again within the month, she will cut off her allowance to the family, forcing them on to the streets.

What the Brown family need is a miracle - and what they get is Nanny McPhee.

She appears from nowhere and sets about working her magic on the children - despite their best efforts to make her job as hard as possible.

She has five important lessons to teach the children before her job is done. She also teaches the children to figure out for themselves how they can save their family from a fate worse than death and their father from marrying the dreadful Mrs Quickly...

Best bits

The children are going mad in Mrs Blatherwicks' out-of-bounds kitchen - until they set eyes on the warty face of Nanny McPhee who sorts them out.

The children won't go down without a fight though, and pretend to have measles. Nanny McPhee makes them take disgusting measles medicine - with very funny consequences.

The children's wild and wonderful pranks in an attempt to drive their dreaded step-mum-to-be, Mrs Quickly away.

The hilarious food fight followed by the magical snowy scene at the end.

Fave characters

Nanny McPhee seems so cold and scary at first but you soon warm to her.

It is really cool how she transforms with each lesson the children learn from her.

Any weak bits?

Older kids might think it's too young for them as it's about little children and their nanny - but they shouldn't be put off going to see it.

Hit or miss?

The film is magical, mischievous and moving. With these ingredients it should become one of the top classic kids films of all time.

NR rating:

NR rating: five out of five

Have YOU seen it yet?

This film is really, really good! My eyes were glued to the screen for a lot of it and it was really good. This film is definitely worth seeing and I'd give it 9/10.
Zarrah, 10, Hertford

It is a fantastic film. I thought it was for kids, but it is isn't!
Sinthiya, 11, London

I thought it was brilliant!! A must see for everyone!! Even my 13 year old brother liked it!! (and that's something!)
Lily, 10, Essex

Excellent film! One for all the family and not to be missed!
Anna, 11, Belfast

This was one of the best ever action packed films I had ever seen - it was just great!!
Ryan, 8, Walthamstow

It is a good film but I think that it should of been released closer to Christmas.
Katy, 15, London

Nanny McPhee is a really cool movie. It is great for kids of all ages!
Jersey, 13, London

I think Nanny McPhee was absolutely brilliant. I liked the Dancing Donkey bit it was really funny!
Hazel, 8, Blackpool

I thought it would be a boring little kids film but it surprised me it was really good and it was quite a happy and sad film and it had funny bits in it to I definitely recommend it.
Alice, 12, Swanage

Nanny McPhee is the best film ever I wasn't really looking forward to it at first but I was laughing all the way through it. Definitely put this film on your to do list.
Katie, 11, Bewdley

I thought that the film was very good and some parts were scary. Some bits are magical!
Emily, 8, Halesowen

I was pleasantly surprised by this film, as I thought it would just be for little children. It was brilliant and I recommend it to everyone!
Kate, 14, Leeds

I think Nanny McPhee is the best! I was really scared of her at first but then I started smiling halfway through the film and I was still grinning when I came out!! 21/10 for that film!!!!
Louise, 10, Amersham

I thought it was amazing!! It has humour and emotion all mixed in. You have got to go and see it. It was fantastic!!
Amy, 15, South Wales

Nanny McPhee was fab. Emma Thompson is so pretty it is unbelievable she could turn like a witch! Well done so go and see it NOW!!
Charlotte, 13, Alton

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