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Last Updated: Thursday October 20 2005 19:15 GMT

Wallaby becomes dog's best friend

A wallaby who had to be raised in a rucksack after her mum died has struck up an unlikely friendship with a dog.

Ten-month-old Wenna was taken in by Welsh Mountain Zoo keeper Natalie Kershaw after the baby's mum, Winnie, died of natural causes.

Natalie raised Wenna in a rucksack to mimic her mum's pouch. But then Wenna started hanging out with Natalie's dog.

Wenna and two-year-old border collie Brook now scamper around Natalie's garden together.

The pair will have to be separated soon because Wenna is strong enough to return to the zoo in Colwyn Bay.

Natalie said: "Wenna has made fantastic progress. In the wild, she would have died along with her mother."

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