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Last Updated: Thursday October 20 2005 14:16 GMT

Quiz: Rats


Question 1

What type of animals are rats?

A: Marsupial
B: Rodent
C: Feline

Question 2

What is a group of rats called?

A: A plague
B: A mischief
C: A squeal

Question 3

How long can rats hold their breath for?

A: 30 seconds
B: Three minutes
C: Six minutes

Question 4

What is the world's commonest rat?

A: The black rat
B: The norwegian rat
C: The kangaroo rat

Question 5

How long do norwegian rats live for?

A: One year
B: Two years
C: Three years

Question 6

What is the latin name for the black rat?

A: Rattus nigus
B: Rattus floris
C: Rattus rattus

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