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Last Updated: Thursday March 17 2005 21:28 GMT

Under 18s 'shouldn't use sunbeds'

Person using sunbed
World health experts have called for a ban on people under 18 using sunbeds.

The World Health Organization said young people who get burnt from exposure to UV radiation have a higher risk of skin cancer as adults.

Research made a direct link between using sunbeds and cancer. The health group want governments to pass laws banning young people from using them.

In the UK, around 70,000 people a year get skin cancer. It's the third most common cancer among people aged 15-19.

An increase in people using sunbeds, along with the fashion to look tanned, are thought to be the main reasons that more people are getting the skin disease.

Banned already

Sunbeds are thought to be dangerous because they can give out very high levels of UV- or ultraviolet - radiation which is much stronger than the mid-day summer sun in most countries.

France and California in the USA already ban under 18s from using sunbeds.

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