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Last Updated: Friday March 18 2005 08:46 GMT

In pictures: Roman Empire party

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More than 1,000 kids went along to the British Museum's Roman Empire Bash.
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They were met at the gates of the museum by flame-throwers and fire-eaters.
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The party was held inside the museum and people could wander around the galleries looking at all of the artefacts.
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There were loads of activities to do that real Romans would have done in their time. There were also gladiators and Roman soldiers at the party.
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This man was showing how the Romans made pictures from tiny pieces of material. This technique is called mosaic.
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And here is one he made earlier!
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These girls are playing a board game called ludus latrunculorum. It means "little soldiers."
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These high priestesses came in banging drums and ringing chimes.
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Romans would have eaten food like porridge, nuts, eggs, meatballs and fruit. There were no fridges or freezers then!
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This boy is writing the Roman alphabet.
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These kids are weaving a belt.
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The gladiator battles were very realistic - this loser is getting dragged off!

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