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Last Updated: Thursday March 17 2005 17:46 GMT

I was run over by a transit van

Transit van

Is there a busy road in your area you hate crossing because it's so dangerous?

Well, road safety charity Brake are trying to prevent road accidents by asking you to phone a special hotline to tell them which roads near you are unsafe.

Ben thinks it's a great idea because he was involved in a very serious accident where he lives.

"I was at army cadets playing football when one of my mates kicked the ball into the street.

I checked to see if there were any cars but I couldn't see any, so I ran out into the street to pick it up.

That's when the transit van hit. It came completely out of the blue and must have been travelling very quickly.

The impact threw me into a wall and then the van drove off. They didn't even stop to see if I was alive!

Badly hurt

The accident left me with some very serious injuries.

I broke my right leg and my left ankle. I also had a big split in my head and a puncture wound on my side.

When it happened I think I was in shock. I didn't know what to think.

One of the cadets ran to phone an ambulance and it came and took me to the hospital.

They glued my head back together, put my leg in plaster and took x-rays to check there wasn't anything else wrong with me.

Be careful

I also had to have an operation and two screws put into my ankle.

The road where the accident happened is busy and cars speed along it all the time.

I think the new hotline is a great idea as it will help to locate dangerous roads around the country.

I'd tell other kids to be more cautious when they are playing out on the streets and definitely keep an eye out for traffic."

Ben, 14, Huddersfield

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