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Last Updated: Friday March 18 2005 08:49 GMT

I went to a Roman theme party!

Edward holding a paper banger

The British Museum in London hosted The Big Roman Empire Bash, where thousands of children could learn about all things Roman.

Edward is a big history fan and went along with his family to find out what was going on.

"I came along because I enjoy the history and I have been to this museum several times before.

I knew that everything was going to be Roman but it wasn't what I expected. It was even better!

There were fire-eaters performing at the gate!

The first thing I looked at inside were the gladiators. They were fighting each other in front of a big group of people.

We all cheered and I thought it was great watching them fight. And the best one won in the end.

I also did some origami. I made some paper bangers. We were given a sheet of instructions showing us how to do it.

I have remembered how to make the bangers and will be able to make them again.

I ate some of the food but I didn't eat any Roman food.

I learnt about the Romans in school last year so I knew about lots of the things going on.

The Greeks are my favourite topic but I really like finding out about the Romans too.

It's been very exciting and I am really glad that I came.

The highlight of the evening was the gladiators fighting - it was so realistic!"

Edward, 10, London

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