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Teachers: PSHE: Alcohol Drugs Tobacco

Last Updated: Wednesday October 19 2005 16:58 GMT

Worksheet: Smoking ban comments

I think that smoking should be banned in all public places because it is unfair on those who don't smoke and also for people who are trying to give up.
Imogen, 14, Nottingham

Why don't they ban it altogether? All it results in is illness and it costs so much. My friend's uncle gave up smoking and he worked out that he was saving thousands of pounds a year!
Louise, 13, Banstead

It's banned over here and it's brilliant. I no longer have to go into a restaurant with the fear of getting poisoned from passive smoking.
Brid, 15, Dublin

Yes! Cigarette smoke absolutely stinks! You can smell it on people's clothes, their hair and of course when they're actually smoking.
Emma, 12, Reading

I think there should be designated places where smokers can go to smoke, they are people too and deserve their rights as well.
Lisa, 15, Caerphilly

As well as keeping non-smokers healthier a taotla ban might also stop school kids taking it up.
Holly, 13, London

I think it should be banned in all public places. People say that smoking is your choice, but if you're a non-smoker you don't actually get a choice. Wherever you go you're still surrounded by smoke.
Tammy, 15, Oxford

I think it should be banned in public. The only places you should smoke in are your house, garden or a friends.
Sophie, 13, Newbury

I have asthma and I feel weasy and may even have asthma attacks when i am around smokers. This means I don't like to go to public places because of the smoking. I think it is a good idea to ban smoking in public places!
Sierah, 12, London

I don't think it should be banned in all public places, but places where there are more likely to be small children, like parks should ban smoking. But I think if you're going to ban smoking in the street, then you should also ban cars and buses, 'cos they make polluting fumes too.
Kirsty, 13, Exeter

Well... I mean sure... smoking is bad... and yeah I do agree with banning it but they shouldn't ban it all together. Half my family smokes, yeah I don't like it but it's what they like doing.
Natalie, 15, Wales

Yes! I hate it when you have to breath in the smoke from someone walking in front of you on the street.
Will, 14, Lincoln

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