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Last Updated: Wednesday October 19 2005 13:54 GMT

Cats getting asthma from owners

Pets often get blamed for setting off asthma in people, but now it looks like it could be the other way round too.

Expert vets say things like human dandruff, cigarette smoke and dusty houses can all make the breathing problem worse for cats.

About one in 200 pusses have asthma, compared to one in 12 human adults.

It's hoped that by studying cats and people with the condition, more can be found out about a germ which is linked to the disease in both cases.

Pedigree breeds like Siamese cats are more likely to suffer from asthma than the average moggy.

Pusses which have the problem can be helped by using cat litter made from newspaper rather than granules, and by keeping them away from smokers.

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