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Last Updated: Wednesday March 16 2005 10:07 GMT

Marmite adverts get kids' TV ban

Adverts for Marmite have been banned from kids' television because some children were left "terrified" by them.

Six viewers complained to the people in charge of which adverts are allowed to be shown that their children aged between two and three were scared.

The company that makes Marmite said they'd take the ads off programmes for young kids, but that wasn't enough.

The Advertising Standards Agency decided instead to stop the ads being shown during all children's television.


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A different organisation that checks adverts before they're shown, didn't have a problem with the ads, saying they showed "very mild horror" and were over the top and designed to make people laugh.

One of the adverts shows a giant blob of Marmite that some people run away from while others run towards it and leap in.

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