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Last Updated: Monday March 14 2005 10:20 GMT

Interactive Quiz: Football

Football Quiz

Are you footie mad? Know all there is to know about the sport? Then try out our quiz.


1.) Question 1

Which British team was the first to lift the European Cup in 1967?

  1. Swansea City
  2. Celtic
  3. Tottenham Hotspur

2.) Question 2

Which nation has won the World Cup more than any other?

  1. Brazil
  2. Germany
  3. Italy

3.) Question 3

Which team was the first to complete a double in England of the league title and the FA Cup?

  1. Arsenal
  2. Manchester United
  3. Preston North End

4.) Question 4

Which FIFA World Cup was David Beckham's first?

  1. 1998 World Cup in France
  2. 1994 World Cup in USA
  3. 1990 World Cup in Italy

5.) Question 5

In which country was the first FIFA World Cup held?

World Cup
  1. Brazil
  2. Uruguay
  3. Mexico

6.) Question 6

In what year was the first FIFA Women's World Cup held?

Football match
  1. 1930
  2. 1991
  3. 1954

7.) Question 7

Australia hold the record for the biggest winning margin in an international match, but what was the score?

  1. 24-0
  2. 31-0
  3. 33-0

8.) Question 8

TV footie presenter Gary Lineker played for many teams during his footie career - which of these teams did he NOT play for?

  1. AC Milan
  2. Barcelona
  3. Nagoya Grampus Eight


  1. Scottish team Celtic were the winners of the European Cup in 1967.
  2. Brazil has won five times, but Italy is close behind with four wins.
  3. Preston North End was the first to complete a double in England of the league title and the FA Cup. This was in 1889.
  4. David Beckham played in his first FIFA World Cup in 1998.
  5. The South American country of Uruguay hosted the first World Cup in 1930. They also took the trophy becoming football's first world champions!
  6. The first Women's World Cup was in 1991 in China. America's team took the trophy that year.
  7. Australia beat American Samoa with a whopping 31-0 in a World Cup qualifying match in 2001.
  8. During his playing career, Gary Lineker played for Leicester City, Everton, Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur and Japanese team Nagoya Grampus Eight. He didn't play for AC Milan.

Your Score

0 - 2 : Why not try again?

3 - 5 : Footie fan!

6 - 8 : Footie mad!