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Last Updated: Thursday October 13 2005 14:44 GMT

A close encounter at an alien exhibition

A 'mudpod'
An exhibition which looks at all things alien has opened at the Science Museum.

Newsround Online's Clare Youell went along with Press Packer Lauren to see if the truth really was out there...

Is there anybody out there?

Well yes.

There's lots of bodies at this Science Museum exhibition, and most of them are more than a little strange.

A Vogon from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
A Vogon
You can get up close and personal with ET, the Daleks, Vogons and all sorts of movie monsters and aliens from the deep.

The exhibition looks at our fascination with alien life, from TV and book legends, to 'real life' aliens, and man's constant attempts to prove there is life on other planets.

Giant brain

It's split up into four 'zones'.

The first is Alien Fiction where you can see video clips, toys, books and interactive displays on creatures from outer space which have gripped us over the years, like Pokemon, the Clangers, Star Trek and creatures from Doctor Who.

Press Packer Lauren with one of the strange deep-sea creatures
Press Packer Lauren
An amusing display lets you put your head inside a giant brain, and then you press a button to see which alien it belongs to.

And you can watch footage of what claims to be 'genuine' footage of a UFO.


Then there's Alien Science, which, perhaps most spookily of all, looks at real creatures which are so weird and freaky that they could almost be from another world.

There's big glass jars with some of the strangest creatures you've ever seen in them. Many come from the depths of the ocean.

There's fish with enormous spiky teeth poking out of their mouths, a kind of jellyfish-octopus with one eye, and what can only be described as a giant worm with a huge mouth and razor-sharp teeth.

Pop up

One of the 'virtual alien planets'
One of the 'virtual alien planets'
Alien Worlds is the best interactive section. Teams of scientists have come together to produce two 'virtual planets' which are projected onto big screens.

When you touch the screens, facts about the aliens which might live there pop up, and you can find out all about how they might live and what they'd look like.

One of the aliens claims to have five hearts, which seems a bit greedy. (Even Doctor Who only has two!)


The fourth zone is Alien Communications, which focuses on contacting creatures from other worlds.

It explains how scientists have been sending out messages into space for years, and are poised to leap into action should they ever get a reply!


Even if you don't believe in aliens, this exhibition certainly makes you think.

Could there be life on other planets?

An interactive planetary display
An interactive planetary display

Why do so many people claim they've seen aliens or UFOs? Why do sooo many books and films, and myths and legends, often going back centuries, describe the same spooky experiences?

Maybe, one day, we'll find out...

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