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Last Updated: Thursday March 10 2005 16:49 GMT

Training for the 2008 Olympics

Liu Meng
The 2008 Olympics are set to take place in China, and the Chinese Olympic team are training hard.

China did very well in the 2004 Olympics, but they're hoping to do even better on their home ground.

Liu Meng, 13, is one of the hopefuls putting in lots of hard work for the gymnastic team.

She's been doing gymnastics since she was four, and goes to a special school for gymnasts.

Hard work

"I work really hard because I want to become a professional gymnast," she said.

Liu Meng
Liu Meng wants to go to the Olympics
"My biggest hope would be to compete in the Olympics here in 3 years time, my biggest dream would be to win gold."

She trains for eight hours a day, every day, and then has normal lessons for another seven hours. It's tiring but she hopes one day it'll all be worth it.

Some people criticise schools like hers for working the children too hard, but a lot of the pressure from Lu Meng comes from herself.

She's worked hard for nine years to get this far, and she's going to do her best to make it all the way.

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