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Last Updated: Thursday March 10 2005 16:10 GMT

We love learning English

Fan Tian and Zhu Yan Yi
Fan Tian and Zhu Yan Yi live in Shanghai. They tell us what they think life in the west is like.

"We're learning English at school - something our parents didn't do.

They're very keen for us to learn English, and most kids in China are too. For us, knowing English is the sign of a good education.

Fan Tian wants to go to Oxford University when he's older - it looks beautiful.

Less polluted

The sky seems much bluer there than here, but that's probably because of the pollution in Shanghai.

We'd love to find out more about the west, but we get most of our information from TV and films.

Zhu Yan Yi thinks everyone in the US must drive a big car and probably be quite fat from what we see on TV!"

Fan Tian and Zhu Yan Yi, 14, Shanghai, China

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