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Last Updated: Wednesday October 12 2005 20:18 GMT

Apple unveils video-playing iPod

Apple video iPod
Apple have unveiled a new iPod that plays videos as well as music.

Although the device is still mostly meant for playing just music, it will be able to hold 75 or 150 hours of video, depending on the model.

The new gadget comes out in the US next week, has 30 or 60 GB of memory, and is thinner than the present 20 GB iPod. It comes with a 6.35cm screen.

Apple will sell music videos for the iPod for 1.89, while the gadget itself will cost either 219 or 299.


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TV downloads

People in America will be able to download certain TV shows to their iPods, although there are no plans to do this in the UK yet.

Apple recently got into trouble when people complained the screens on the new iPod nano broke too easily.

However the company offered a replacement to anyone with a faulty one.

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