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Last Updated: Wednesday October 12 2005 15:51 GMT

My trip inside The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Narnia stars
The world got its first glimpse of the child stars of The Lion, The Witch And the Wardrobe.

Press Packer Lauren went along to interview the young actors who play Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.

The atmosphere at London's Leicester Square was electric! Hundreds of school children had gathered to see the cast of the Narnia film which is coming out this Christmas.

It's expected to be a huge hit!

I was there too, reporting for Newsround as I have been all week.

Setting the scene

The famous Narna wardrobe!
There were lots of photographers crowded around the Narnia scene which had been set up in the gardens.

But to our disappointment, it was really just a wardrobe.

I was at least expecting some snow!

Hanging around

I got a taste of what it is really like being a TV reporter, as the kids were quite late!

There was a lot of hanging around involved, so we spent some time watching the mad (but quite frightening) pigeons in Leicester Square.

But that wasn't all I was doing - I was actually planning my interview!! I thought about the questions I would ask the actors and spoke to the Newsround assistant producer about what shots we would use.

Lauren checks her watch
Then we all got a bit of a shock when Wallace and Gromit popped out of the Odeon cinema for a chat. Obviously, they were just people dressed up as the characters but they were fun!

Suddenly there was a lot of hustle and bustle and we could see the actors coming in the distance.

At this point, I was feeling nervous because I really didn't want to mess up the interview!

But I didn't need to worry because they were all really friendly, they were calm as well. They were just like normal kids - they weren't starry at all.

Screen magic

I asked them how they felt about becoming famous and they didn't really know how to answer because they said they're not famous yet!

Also, I asked Anna, who plays Susan, if the Snow Queen was scary; she said the actress who played her was very intense but she wasn't afraid of her.

Lauren and Rob the cameraman hard at work
And she hopes the film's exciting: "The screen magic's very different to the book magic but I think it's magical and I hope everyone's going to enjoy it."

Georgie Henley who plays Lucy was my favourite out of all of them because she's so young but so confident, she'll talk to anybody! And she's only 10!

Best and worst bits

The best bit of the whole day was meeting Emma Thompson who was promoting another film. She's such a good actress and she's in Harry Potter!

The worst part was probably hanging around waiting for the stars to arrive.

But I loved doing the whole thing, it was great fun. It was different in many ways to my other Newsround assignments but at least this time I wasn't in a total flap!

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