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Last Updated: Wednesday March 09 2005 18:28 GMT

Happy Meal changes for McDonalds

A McDonalds burger
Happy Meals are going to look different in the future because McDonalds are trying to make them more healthy.

The changes will mean three-quarters of the meals will have at least one portion of fruit or veg in them.

Health campaigners are happy that McDonalds are introducing things like carrots, but want even more done.

Two different Happy Meals have more salt in them than a toddler should eat in a whole day, while another has more than half of the calories they need.

The changes are the biggest for Happy Meals since they were introduced in the UK 21 years ago.

McDonalds has introduced healthier foods
McDonalds has introduced healthier foods
McDonalds say their food doesn't do that much to children, as most families only eat their food three times a month.

Chicken Grills, Wobble-icious Fruit Jelly made with 99% real fruit juice, Robinson's Apple Fruit Shoot, and Sprite Z - the new name for low-calorie Sprite are all on the new menus too.

The changes are part of big global campaign by McDonalds to show itself as a place to get healthy food.

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