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Last Updated: Tuesday March 08 2005 12:31 GMT

Latest Potter book cover revealed

New Potter cover
The cover of the sixth Harry Potter book has been unveiled by Bloomsbury.

It shows Harry with Dumbledore surrounded by some kind of flames which seem to be coming from the wand of Hogwarts' head teacher.

Not much is known about the plot of the book, but we do know that Lord Voldemort's powers and followers are increasing day by day.

We also know three of the book's chapter names: Spinner's End, Draco's Detour and Felix Felicis.

The adult cover shows a text book called Advanced Potion Making.

This hints that Harry does indeed get at least an Outstanding in his OWLS and goes on to study for a NEWT in Potions - a qualification he needs if he wishes to become an Auror.

J K Rowling has already said that the Half-Blood Prince is neither Harry nor Lord Voldemort.

The English language version of the book will be published on the 16 July 2005.

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