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Last Updated: Friday March 11 2005 15:24 GMT

Hotseat: Laura in China

Laura Jones
Newsround's Laura Jones has been in China to give you the lowdown on one of the biggest and most fascinating countries in the world.

In her week there, she experienced some weird and wonderful things.

She let you know all about it by answering your questions online.

Mel, 11, Newcastle: Was it hot in China?

It's actually been quite cold - in Shanghai it snowed while we were here. But in Chengdu it was very hot, and we were going round in t-shirts.

It's such a massive place there is a huge range of temperature and weather. But to be honest, I'm looking forward to getting back to some good old fashioned British weather.

Anna, 9, Grantham: Do you think that China will soon have the most power in the world?

Not for a while yet. America still has the most influence, and is still the richer country. But China definitely has the potential to overtake. It's just so big, and is already catching up.

Sumana, 9, London: What do people mostly eat in China?

The main thing is noodles and rice. They have a lot of vegetables and meat, stir-fried in woks. But I've also eaten a few really weird things!

I had a pig's ear - it was absolutely minging! I couldn't eat it, and I don't mind admitting I had to spit it out. Gross.

I also had chicken's knuckles, duck's neck, and shark's lips. It seems they take the weirdest part of an animal they can think of and cook it!

But the worst things I heard of were pig's lungs and dog. I didn't try them.

I'm looking forward to getting back to British food!

Jacob, 8, Blyth: Is China a dangerous country?

Not really. In a big city like Shanghai, you have to take care, but that's the same anywhere. Even though we had the government following us all the time, we never felt we were going to be locked up.

In fact, the worst thing is crossing the road - the drivers here don't seem to pay any attention to road signs, traffic lights, or pedestrians.

Laura, 13, Worcestershire: Was it fun going around China, seeing different cultures and religions? What was your favourite part of the trip?

It was amazing. My favourite thing was seeing the pandas. I wanted to hug one, but they wouldn't let me pick one up!

Meeting Chinese kids was brilliant - they've been brought up completely differently to us.

Christina, 10 Norwich: What were the big cities like compared to the country?

We didn't see too much of the countryside, but the cities were very busy, modern, and quite polluted.

Chengdu, where the panda reserve was, is more in the country. It was quite traditional, with people working in rice fields and children helping out.

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