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Last Updated: Monday October 10 2005 16:14 GMT

My family are affected by the Asian quake

A collapsed building in Islamabad following the earthquake in Pakistan
A massive earthquake on 8 October 2005 affected thousands of people in Pakistan, Afghanistan and northern India.

Many people in the UK were very worried about people from their families who live in the areas hit by the quake.

Press Packer Saheed told us how he felt about the earthquake and how it affected his family.

"I heard about the earthquake on Saturday on the TV.

As it's Ramadan I was flicking through the Pakistan channels and heard the earthquake had happened on the Pakistan news.

Family in Pakistan

Some of my cousins who live in Pakistan also telephoned and told us about it.

I have lots of family in Pakistan.

My aunts and uncles and cousins, from both my mum and dad's side of the family, live out there.

I was most worried about my family who live near the mountains.

I have been to Pakistan before, but I can't imagine what it is like now there has been an earthquake.

Some of my cousins don't live very close to where the earthquake happened but they said they still felt it a bit.

Making contact

My dad tried to telephone our family out there.

He couldn't get through to speak to anyone for over half an hour.

My mum was crying.

Half an hour later we heard from about half of my family there, but we still haven't heard from them all.

I hope we do soon.

Beyond worry

I have been watching it on the news and seen people being rescued.

It makes me worried when I watch the reports.

Lots of people at my school also have family in Pakistan but they don't want to talk about it.

My mum and dad don't really want to talk about it either and my younger brothers don't really understand.

It is hurtful, but I think it helps to talk about it.

School support

We talked about it in assembly this morning and then in class so everyone knows what is happening.

On Friday we are having a non-uniform day where we will each pay 1.

The money is going to be sent to charity to help people affected in the earthquake.

I think they need food and most people don't even have water so I hope we can help them too."

Shaheed, 11, Birmingham

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