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Last Updated: Monday October 10 2005 14:56 GMT

Huw Edwards: When I was 12

A grainy school photo of young Huw!
A grainy school photo of young Huw!
As presenter of the 10 o'clock news on BBC One, Huw Edwards is one of television's most experienced journalists and best known faces.

And having one of the top jobs in news, it comes as no surprise that his favourite TV show when he was 12 was Newsround!

Find out what else he was like then...

How much pocket money did you get?


What did your school report say?

I think it suggested I was a swot.

Most embarrassing moment at school?

I missed an open goal and was lynched.

What made you cringe?

Having to play the oboe in school assembly - disaster!

Did you have a nickname?


What were your fave TV shows?

Blue Peter, Newsround, Clapperboard, Scooby Doo.

What was your fave book?

Moonfleet, a smuggling adventure by J. Meade Falkner.

Who was your hero or heroine?

Phil Bennett, who played outside half for my town Llanelli, and was one of the best welsh rugby players of all time.

Who was your favourite teacher and why?

Mr Evans whose enthusiasm for French language and culture is still with me today.

Were you bullied?


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