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Last Updated: Monday October 10 2005 17:13 GMT

Huw Edwards' day in pix

Newsreader Huw Edwards at White City Underground station.
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Afternoon! Huw travels to work on the Tube, giving him time to do some reading
Newsreader Huw Edwards at Television Centre in White City, London.
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Huw gets to work at about 2.30pm when he's reading the 10 o'clock news
Huw's desk? It's mine.
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First things first, Huw logs on to check his e-mails and check what's happening in the news
Huw chatting with Gwenan Roberts.
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Huw chats with Gwenan Roberts - who's in charge of the 10 o'clock news today - about what's in the programme
Peter Bevan, the studio floor manager, and Huw check the script.
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Huw goes into the studio to find out more about that evening's programme
Huw checks some graphics with Dave Sully.
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Huw talks to Dave Sully, who co-ordinates all the images used in the programme
Tim Handley and Huw checking stories.
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Tim Handley, from the 6 o'clock news, tells Huw what they're featuring
Eve Conway from News 24 tells Huw about the channel's main stories.
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Huw also talks to the News 24 team to see what the channel's leading on
Huw writing the news.
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Now time for Huw to get down and write the headlines
Anthony Brown shows Huw what images will go with his headlines.
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Anthony Brown runs through the headlines with Huw in the gallery
Huw chooses his tie - from his Huwge collection!
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It's time to get changed - into a suit and tie, but which one?
Huw gets made-up for the studio.
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"If you think I'm going on air without make-up, you must be joking," says Huw as Sally Tyrell fixes his face
Huw as we see him on television.
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And here is Huw, reading the news at 10pm

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