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Last Updated: Tuesday October 11 2005 14:53 GMT

Kashmir quake: your thoughts

Indian schoolchildren cry after being evacuated because of the earthquake.
A massive earthquake has killed thousands of people in Pakistan, Afghanistan and northern India.

Rescue workers are trying to save the lives of those trapped in buildings and it's feared that some whole villages have been wiped out.

Pakistan's military says more than 18,000 people have been killed by the disaster, and many more injured.

Perhaps you have been directly affected by the quake because you live in the area or you've got friends and family there?

We'd like to know your comments on the earthquake in Kashmir. Why don't you send us an email to let us know your thoughts on the tragedy?

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Your comments

I am disgusted how aid isn't getting to the people quick enough... if they are not careful...more people could die!!!
Aimee, 12, Streatham

I am a Muslim and my family have been praying for the Muslims affected. My aunty lives in Islamabad and I haven't heard from her.
Ian, 13, Glasgow

I'm very upset and i hope evreything will eventually get better in the future.
Salwa, 11, Rochdale

I feel really sad and sorry for these people. I wish all the countries could help and give aid to the people.
Bentley, 14, Leicester

I feel sad. I don't think the people were well noticed like Katrina, or Rita.
Sumi, 11, USA

I am a Muslim and my family have been praying for the Muslims affected. My aunty lives in Islamabad and I haven't heard from her.
Ibadat, 9, Northampton

I think this is a very sad moment for many people in the world and I hope people will donate money and clothes to help.
Ibrar, 13, Rotherham

I think that this is terrible. In Geography we were told that earthquakes are probably the only kind of natural disasters that we can't control as most of the others are normally all down to global warming.
Anna, 12, Sandbach

It's sad to hear what has happened, but to be honest this kind of natural diasters will be happening more often in the near future we'll have to live with it. Of course our government should help to rebuild those countries if we can.
Paul, 14, Oxford

Me and my friend watched it on the news with our mums. They were nearly crying when watching it.
Vikki, 12, Leeds

I went to Pakistan during the six weeks holidays, it is such an improved place but I can't believe what has happend. I hope to speak to my family in Pakistan on the phone very soon.
Hali, 14, Nottingham

My thoughts goes out to the people of the quake and I hope the people that have family there are reunited soon.
Stacy, 12, Scotland

One of my best mates is from Pakistan and one used to live there. They haven't heard from some family members or friends so they are worried.
Lucie, 13, United Arab Emirates

I have read about the South Asia Quake. That was very sad. I am also from Pakistan, but in my family it is no-one who is injured or dead.
Sfeena, 14, Norway

I feel sorry for the people who havr died, lost their houses and got injured. BUT I am very angry that the army did not evacuate people before the earthquake.
Mohamad, 9, Leicester

I think that what happened was bad and most of my family were near India. I feel really sorry for the people that lost their family.
Amanpreet, 9, Leicester

I feel so sorry for all the people who died because of the earthquake and for those who have lost someone in their family or some friends.
Amy, 14, Norway

This is a really bad time because most of the children have lost their famaily and brothers and sisters. I hope they have food and clean water.
Rahela, 13, Leicester

I am very sad about what happened in the earthquake and I hope it never happens again to anyone in the world. I really feel sorry!!!!
Krupa, 10, Leicester

I am absolutely upset to hear what has happened but it's wonderful to see Muslims and non-Muslims helping!
Rahela, 13, Bradford

I pray to God to help the people who have been involved with the earthquake. But I'm happy that my Aunty made it back here before the earthquake happened. I hope we hear some positive news after all these natural disasters. I feel bad because it is the month of Ramadan and that people are suffering.
Sajida, 14, Bradford

I feel very sorry for the people that are effected by the earthquake.
Satinder, 12, London

It is so horrifying about what's happening - words can't explain! I live in Karachi and we're praying so much that an earthquake won't hit us!
Zaariyah, 13, Karachi

It is very sad. Where I live many people died. First Hurricane Katrina then Rita now this. I hope my country can help the quake victims.
Sania, 13, Abbotabad

I am sad to hear about the earthquake and feel sorry for everyone living there. My family live there but they're safe. I went to Islambad last year and it looked beautiful and now it is all ruined. I don't think I'll be able to go back.
Tayba, 12, London

I pray that God will make their countries back to normal. It's really upset me hearing about it. Bangladesh didn't get hit and I'm thankful for that but I'm really upset for the Pakistanis, Indians and Afghans.
Tahsina, 13, Darlington

It's terrible all this news! Everyday something has happened which is worst than yesterday's news. Is there any good news?
Alice, 12, Cambridge

It was horrifying. Our house was swaying to and fro. The ground was shaking beneath our feet. The first earthquake I have ever witnessed. Thank God my family is safe.
Sania, 13, Abbotabad

I can't believe it, I hope everyone can help out; my prayers are with everyone there!
Amina, 14, Leyton

I feel so sorry for all the people who died and people who where injured. My family lives in Islamabad luckily they didn't get hurt.
Shaibah, 13, Buckinghamshire

I have relatives in Islamabad and Lahore. We haven't heard from them yet. Please pray for them and all who were involved in this horrendous atrocity. Hopefully many more living people will be found by the grace of God.
Sameeha, 15, Blackburn

I was so sad that Pakistan had an earthquake has killed thousand of people I also come from Pakistan I was so sad but my relatives are ok. Also I my happy that people from other countries are helping.
Munzah, 9, Thornton Heathy

I think it was scary. My dad and his family were there and I was scared that something had happened to him.
Mehreen, 12, Bradford

I think this earthquake has scared many people in Pakistan and in many other countries as shows us how sudden this earthquake was and how it can affect our lives.
Sanah, 12, Ilford

Natural disasters seem to be everywhere at the moment. It's terrible. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims.
Jessica, 14, London

I have got family in Lahore and they said that they were all sleeping at the time and all of a sudden the bed started to shake and my auntie thought it was her daughter shaking the bed but then she realised her dressing table was moving and it seemed the whole house was moving and then they realised it was an earthquake but thankfully they are all safe.
Maleeha, 12, Ilford

I have all my family living in Islamabad and from their garden you can see the building that collapsed. I have been past it so many times it just scary, thinking about it. Thankfully all my family are okay.
Raidah, 13, Essex

Some of my family phoned me up and told me that they felt it in the Panjab in India! They are ok and no damage has been done, but lots of damage has been caused in Pakistan.
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

My friend was in the earth quake and she told me it was soo scary she could barely stand up. Everyone was outside very very scared and she said she never wants to go through that ever again. It is awful what they are going through and all the buildings are spoilt. I feel really sorry for them.
Hana, 11, Bradford

I think it's awful what these kids are going through with no food or sleep or beds.
Claire, 12, Barlby

My grandparents come from Kashmir I went to visit them about a year ago, it was a really nice place with lots of nature and mountains but now the thought haunts me that if i go back to visit none of that will be left.
Natasha, 14, Birmingham

i cant believe it really. i go 2 Islamabad so often!!! and never seen it in such a mess. Its just heart breaking. i have family living literally 5-10 mins away from that pic on the report!! I'm just thankful they're ok. my prayers r now with the families destroyed by the quake.
Ajmina, 14, London

My grandparents were in the earthquake in south India in Punjab but luckily no damage was caused to them but i think everyone should at least stop and think for the people who were in south India and Islamabad.
Pavan, 10, Birmingham

I was where it happened. It was horrifying. It seemed as if we were in a doll house and a giant was carrying it unsteadily. My family couldn't sleep all night as there were after shocks and jolts frequently. I counted 15. Somehow now I feel earthquakes every few minutes, and can't distinguish whether its real or just my nerves. Pray for us.
Maha, 14, Islamabad

my family lives there. Thankfully none were killed although their houses have been destroyed. There is one person in my family that is missing so hopefully we will find her.
Nadia, 12, Grimsby

my really really close mate is on holiday and he was 5 minutes away from the building that collapsed in Islamabad, he was saved but what about all the other people and children. We've all got to pray raise money to help and this time hope relief get there quicker and on time.
Safiya, 13, Dewsbury

Most of my family live in Pakistan. when we heard what had happened we called them straight away they said that they had seen windows and doors shake before in previous earthquakes but this time even the floor was shaking like mad, and sky scrapers and telephone towers were shaking as if they were made of cloth. I am very lucky that I haven't lost anyone in the earthquake but I feel really sorry for people who have lost family and friends.
Sarah, 13, London

I have relatives in Pakistan, we rung them and they said they're okay. My dad forwarded 1000 towards to people who work as rescue workers in Pakistan, I just hope all the people will get back on their feet, it so heartbreaking.
Sabah, 14, Nelson

What's going on this year? What with the tsunami, hurricanes Rita, Stan and Katrina and now this devastating earthquake? Mother Nature is playing a cruel cruel trick on us.
Sarah, 15, West Midlands

I feel for all the people who have suffered in Pakistan and the tsunami earthquake, and many others. It is times like this when every one turns to God for help, never forget your creator.
Uka, 13, Bradford

I lived in Islamabad for years, and the people there are all so kind and caring, and they just face adversity really stoically. It's destroyed thousands of people's homes and all of their possessions. No one deserves that.
A, 13, Newbury

My dad is in Pakistan for a visit and my mum's brothers and sisters are all there as well. My mum is trying to contact them to see if they're okay. It is so sad an earthquake happened in my home country. I feel really sad and I hope that everyone there is really okay.
Hira, 12, Falkirk

This is heartbreaking. Many children like us being frightened and involved in tragic disasters. And many people have lost their lives!
Laurel, 15, Birmingham

I have relatives in Pakistan. As soon as we found out we phoned our family there. My grandma said the ground felt as if a sea was swaying underneath. The aftershocks were really strong there.
Ayesha, 12, Birmingham

I am devastated. I have cousins in Islamabad where it happened. As soon as we heard about it my dad rang straight away. Thankfully they were OK.
Rizwan, 11, Livingston

I have relatives in Pakistan and we phoned them up and asked them what happened and they go that there was a really strong earthquake and that they felt it an they couldn't even stand up. I feel really sorry for all the people suffering.
Tabya, 13, Slough

I think it's sad and we should raise some money for food and water.
Nicola, 10, Ballymena

I have a few relatives in Pakistan and they said that they felt the earthquake.
Mehreen, 11, Accrington

It's really sad. I was in an earthquake when living in California, but all it did was wake me up and shake me around a bit. It is a shame that so many people have died - I hope that not many more people are feared dead.
Jessie, 14, Hartlip

It is at times like this that all nations should get together and do what they can for the people who are suffering.
Chris, 13, Birmingham

It's so unfair all these disasters are happening at once. First Katrina then Rita, and now this! It must be terrible for the people involved in the earthquake.
Emma, 15, Edinburgh

I feel extremely sad. The earthquake hit one of the poorest part of the country. It is heartbreaking that this and other disasters have to happen.
Anna, 13, Essex

It's so sad. It just makes me feel so lucky that I live in a country that never has earthquakes or hurricanes.
Cara, 11, London

I have been watching it on TV this morning and I feel really sad for all the people involved.
Jodie, 12, Stevenage

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