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Last Updated: Tuesday October 11 2005 10:22 GMT

Film review: Oliver Twist

Release date
7 October (Cert PG)

The stars
Sir Ben Kingsley is the devious Fagin and Barney Clark is the angelic Oliver

The plot
It's Charles Dickens' classic story. In case you don't know the plot, here goes.

Orphan Oliver Twist is brought up in poverty in Victorian England. Sent to the workhouse, where he and the other boys start to starve, he decides to ask for more food. This obviously marks him as a trouble-maker, so he's sent to be an apprentice undertaker.

After being badly treated yet again, the poor fellow decides to run away to London.

Here he falls in with a band of pick-pockets, led by Fagin and the Artful Dodger. Will young Oliver come through in the end?

Best bits
The scene where Oliver learns to pick pockets is pretty good - like a magic show, but you get to see how it works.

The sets are great too, with Prague providing a great stand-in for 19th century London.

Fave characters
Fagin is gross, and definitely a bad guy, but Sir Ben Kingsley is so good you can't take your eyes off him.

Any weak bits?
It's just a teensy bit dull. For a kids' film, there's not much fun, and it all drags on a bit.

Plus, Oliver is such a goody-goody you wish he'd actually do something bad for a change.

Hit or miss?
Probably a miss. Your parents might enjoy this a bit more, and drag you along to see it.

NR rating:

Have YOU seen it yet?

Your comments

It was great! When my dad said we were going to see it I was so annoyed, I thought it would be really boring. It wasn't!!!
Iona, 11, London

It's quite a sad story, but done quite well. A bit gets changed from the book, but it makes it more creepy. It does, though, have a happy ending, but it could have been happier. And the beginning titles are quite boring and go on for a bit. It is good, and overall a hit.
Jacob, 9, York

I really recommend this movie as it gripped me right the way to the end! Barney Clark (Oliver) and Leanne Rowe (Nancy) were brilliant! Go and see it!
Lisa, 13, Dundee

I thought it was good, it actually reminded me of Harry Potter a bit but without the magic. Although I don't think any one younger than 14 will enjoy it.
Katy, 15, London

I loved the film. One of my top 7 films. I thought it was a bit slow to start of with but as soon as we saw the Artful Dodger things spiced up and the pace of the film became exciting, fun and fast!!
Em, 14, Cardiff

I thought Oliver was absolutely fantastic. I think it is completely a hit and I thought Barney Clark and Harry Eden were amazing. The story was so realistic, and wonderful. I was gripped the whole way through. It is definitely for children over 10 because it is very intense and maybe a bit boring at the beginning for younger kids. If you are older GO AND SEE IT!!!!
Gaby, 14, Leeds

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