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Last Updated: Tuesday October 18 2005 15:16 GMT

Schools twinned by internet link

Boy online

Two schools in remote parts of the UK have been 'twinned' with the high speed internet connection broadband.

Pupils at Five Islands School in Scilly have now got a super-fast link to the Baltasound Junior High School, in the northern Shetland Islands.

Five Islands has three pupils based at St. Agnes. They'll now be able to swap stories with 100 pupils at Baltasound.

The Scilly broadband connection is the most southerly network, and Baltasound is the most northerly.

The head teacher at Baltasound, Andy Spence said the link means the schools will no longer feel so remote.

"We can access the world with broadband, and we like to think the link with the Scillies will just be the start. We hope to join in with other schools," he added.

Different experiences

Although there are more than 250 pupils in total at Five Islands School, there are only three at its base on St. Agnes.

And Five Islands School teacher Louise Simmonds said pupils, Josie Burns, 7, Jacob Burns, 4 and Xanthe Hicks, 4 were looking also looking forward to sharing experiences.

While the remote schools have some similarities, there are also differences.

The Isles of Scilly has a regular climate where frost and snow are very rare, but Baltasound is on the same latitude as Southern Greenland and the nearest railway station is actually in Norway.