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Last Updated: Thursday October 06 2005 12:49 GMT

Book Review: Higher Ground

Higher Ground


There are lots of different authors including Eoin Colfer, Gillian Cross, Alan Gibbons and Melvin Burgess. The book is also introduced by Michael Morpurgo.

Publication date

6 October 2005



The story

Higher Ground is a collection of sixteen short stories and each is written by a top children's author. All of the stories are based on the experience of a real child who survived the Boxing Day Tsunami.

The characters

Each of the short stories is about a different child from a country effected by the Tsunami, like Sunan from Thailand and Zafar from Sri Lanka. At the end of the story there is also an update of the child's real progress by the aid-worker or charity who helped them.


It is really good to be able to read stories by different authors in one book - each story has its own style. The information at the beginning about why the Tsunami happened is really interesting and it is great that the book is being sold to help raise more money for the charities helping people caught up in it.

The book is easy to read and the characters all feel quite realistic.

Any weak bits?

A lot of the stories are quite sad and emotional as the Tsunami destroyed a lot of people's lives. You might not want to read this book at bedtime or read all the stories at the same time - it is probably more enjoyable to dip in and out of it or read it with your class in school.


Each story is pretty good but you might not want to read them all at one go.

NR rating:

Newsround rating.

Have YOU read this book?

I haven't read it, but my friend said it was a-m-a-z-I-n-g! She said it was sad, surreal and also thoughtful! I can't wait to borrow it off her.
Jersey, 13, London

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