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Last Updated: Friday March 04 2005 19:27 GMT

What do you spend your pocket money on?

Pocket money
Children in the UK are spending an average of 1.75 a day on the way to and from school, new research has revealed.

According to the survey, it's all going on sweets, chocolate, crisps and canned drinks.

So is this the case for you? And if so, how much do you spend?

Does what you buy with your pocket money during the week differ from weekends and holidays?

Or do you try and save your pocket money - or spend it on something other than snacks?

Whatever you do, e-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I don't get pocket money :( but I do earn loads of money buying doing jobs around the house I usually save up but then a spend a little on sweets!
Rayka, 13, London

One word- CHOCOLATE!
Becca, 12, Aylesbury

I have been trying to buy less sweets and stuff because I am saving up for a I-pod.
Jake, 12, Lincoln

I am very sensible with my money which means that I don't spend it all at once. I save up for loads of things. I save up for games, skateboards and clothes.
Simon, 14, West Midlands

Over the months I save up my money. I get a fiver a week at the end of two months I give 20 pounds to charities and 20 pounds for parties or clothes.
Lynsey, 14, Antrim

Books, books, and more books! For Christmas and my birthday I received over 200, and 100 of that is already gone because I went on a book-shopping spree.
Anna, 11, Ayrshire

I used to spend it on phone credit, and sweets. I save it now, and buy useful things. There's no point in buying things I don't need, or my bedroom gets too cluttered!
Kate, Berkshire

I usually spend my money on magazines, stuff for school, clothes, CDs and DVDs. I never buy sweets or canned drinks with my money!
Vicki, 14, Oxfordshire

I normally spend my pocket money on things like stationery or magazines.
Freya, 11, Auchterarder

I don't get pocket money. Instead, if there is anything I need like clothes or make up or money for the cinema my parents give it to me. If I have any money left over from lunch I might spend it on chocolate after school.
Megan, 14, Kent

I never spend my money on things like crisps or sweets, but sometimes I do forget what I've bought because they're little... My new year's resolution is to save my money and spend it on something worthwhile.
Nancy, 13, Tunbridge Wells

I save I want to have a good job and stuff when I'm older and I don't want to blow it. Also I spend about 1.00 on sweets every week!
Rachel, 11, Tadworth

I almost always go shopping on Saturdays. I spend my money on all sorts of things, drinks and food, clothes and just bits and bobs really.
Becky, 10, Oswestry

I'm forced to save my money now because all my teeth have fallen out from eating too many sweets. I've learnt my lesson.
Luke, 14, Newcastle

I get pocket money but I only get 5.00 but I save it up to get something nice.
Mobeena, 14, Nottingham

I've been saving some of my money for over three years now. Hopefully it will come in handy in the future.
Dwayne, 14, Liverpool

I spend my pocket money on sweets but I mostly save it for something I want to buy for that month.
Afsana, 12, Bolton

I get 5 pound a week and I spend it on ice skating.
Louise, 14, Birmingham

I save up my pocket money then buy something that is worth buying.
Tommy-Lee, 12, Leeds

I don't save my pocket money at all. I buy sweets on the way to school and buy sweets at school.
Maria, 13, Ballymoney

I spend my pocket money on whatever I like - not stupid sweets. I get bad clothes and music.
Nicola, 14, Redditch

I save all my pocket money up and then I go shopping and buy clothes and shoes. I also use it to top up my phone.
Lottie, 11, Yately

I save up my pocket money during the week so I can go clothes shopping at the weekend!
Sal, 13, Sheffield

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