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Last Updated: Wednesday October 05 2005 17:03 GMT

I played with this year's top toys!

Press Packer Lucy with her Willy Wonka glasses on
Lucy tries on some Willy Wonka glasses
Press Packer Lucy went to a toy fair where all the top companies show off what they think will be the bestselling toys this Christmas.

She tells us about all the great toys she got to play with and what her fave things were.

"When I found out I had won the Newsround competition to go to the toy fair I felt really excited. I didn't think I would ever win such a good competition because I love toys so much.

I had to get up really early but I didn't mind. We came down to London by train and met the Newsround reporter who took us to the toy fair.

Lucy with one of her fave toys
The PlayMobile Mansion
My first impression of the event was that it was brilliant! There were millions of toys there and it was my dream come true!

I played with so many things.

I liked Roboraptor, a dinosaur which moves. He was brilliant. I was a tiny bit scared of him because he sniffs your face if you go near him but when I played with him he was really cute.

The Daleks were great too because you controlled them with a remote control and you could make them do things. They also said things like 'Exterminate!' But the best thing they said was 'Obey the Daleks! Obey! Obey!' I thought that was really funny.

Lucy gets to grips with Roboraptor
Lucy gets to grips with Roboraptor
I spent lots of time playing with the Furbys too, they are very cute.

And I liked the Thunderbirds toys. I love Thunderbirds because my dad used to watch it when he was a child and now I like watching it too. I've got a Tracy Island at home which I love.


My favourite toy overall though was the PlayMobile Mansion. I've loved PlayMobile since I was about three and I've got loads of those toys at home.

There was also a chocolate fountain there because of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory toys. I had bits of fudge and strawberries and dipped them in the chocolate which tasted lovely.

Best day
Lucy as Darth Vader
The Darth Vader Voice Changer

Then Ellie from Newsround came over and we had a chat. I thought Ellie was a really nice person.

I had such a brilliant day. I loved looking around all the new toys and playing with them. I think it was the best day out I have ever had in my whole life!"

Lucy, nine, Bournemouth

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