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Last Updated: Friday October 07 2005 10:26 GMT

Do you give fingerprint technology the thumbs-up?

Kids at a school in Leicestershire won't be needing money for their lunch when a new method of payment is introduced.

Pupils will have to scan their thumbs into a machine in exchange for food.

This will help parents monitor what their children are eating, while making sure they won't have to carry cash around school.

So do you give this idea the thumbs-up or thumbs down?

Would this be an easier way for you to buy your school meals?

Or is this technology going one step too far?

E-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I don't think the fingerprint technology is a good idea, because you might have dirt or food on your fingers, so it might think that you are someone else.
Zara, 13, Rushden

This is a great idea. I go to this school and it's a lot quicker. Qe don't have to spend all of lunch time queuing up because everyone's counting out the right money!!!!!!!!
Harriet, 11, Barrow-upon-Soar

Although there are some benefits to this, like not having to carry cash around, I think this is very intrusive and shows that adults don't really trust children!
Hannah, 12, Sheffield

I think that it is a good idea but some schools won't be able to pay for them as more important things are needed.
Amy, 14, Essex

I think it's good that the children now eat healthy food and their parents get to see what they eat- it should be in every school!!!!
Safiya, 9, Halifax

I think that kids should be able to eat what they want at school. If ya'll are thinking that kids are getting overweight, it's not the stuff they eat at school, but at home.
Liz, 12, Perryville

Yes. I give it a thumbs up. It will be such a cool idea. Please do it! Thank you!
Jayce, 11, Gillette

I don't think that parents being able to check up on what children are eating is a good idea as it takes away our freedom. At my school, instead of money we have machines where we put money onto a electronic card and then pay with that and we can also use it on the bus. I think that's a much better idea.
Kylie, 15, Edinburgh

I love this idea! My mum is always worried about what I am spending my money on and this is a really cool and interesting way to keep checks on what children eat in school!
Elsie, 15, Chepstow

Next year I'm going to high school and they have a swipe card system for register, dinner, going to the toilet, everything! I think that is a good idea because then you can't skip school.
Ben, 10, Barnsley

I can't keep up with all this new technology. I'm a bit of a technophobe!
Rebecca, 13, Essex

At my school we have swipe cards, no money, but the food still isn't all that healthy and there isn't much of a variety!
Rachel, 13, Edinburgh

I think this is a really good idea because at my school lots of people have their dinner money stolen from them.
Rebecca, 11, Norwich

I think this idea is ridiculous. First of all they have taken away our chocolate and now they want our parents to check what we eat! There would be queues twice as long! This idea is a thumbs down for me!
Tasneem, 12, Chelmsford

What a waste of money! Schools in the Highlands of Scotland use the smart card system which is just like a credit card!
Rachel, 12, Inverness

We use our thumb prints to take out books in my school library - it is so much quicker! I think it is brilliant!
Kate, 15, Townlake

The technology seems great and so it really means that technology is helping us through our lives but doesn't this equipment cost loads of money?
Callie, 12, Walton

I don't know if I like this idea or not. It is just plain weird! Anyway, shouldn't more time, effort and money be spent on helping poverty?
Sophie, 11, Chertsey

Some kids get bullied and their lunch money gets stolen but nobody can steal a fingerprint so it is easier and you can tell if people are skipping lunch. The downside is sometimes the scanners get it wrong and someone else buys your lunch!
Cara, 13, Farnham

We've already had fingerprint technology in our school library for ages and it is really helpful and easy. So why not for school dinners? I think it's a great idea as I wouldn't have to dig out my money each time!
Vicky, 14, Derbyshire

I think this is a bad idea and there are easier ways of going about this. At my school we use lunch cards and it means we only have to scan the card through and the computer system records what we are eating anyway. There is no need for us to be treated like criminals and having to have our thumbs printed, when there is a cheaper option available.
Edith, 14, Kingston

The technology seems great. It really means that technology is helping us through our lives but don't these things cost loads of money?
Callie, 12, Walton

This is my school and it is a really good idea. I like it because you don't need to remember to take money into school every day.
Caitlin, 11, Quorn

I go to that school and I don't know what the fuss is about. The school meals are disgusting - I have seen better in a hospital. It is not an easier way because the queues are double the length than in year 7 when we didn't have this. I think it should go.
Charlotte, 12, Leicestershire

Bring it on! It'll stop the new Year 7's holding up the queue counting their money!
Daniel, 14, Cornwall

We use the fingerprint system for taking books out. I think it is a really good idea because we don't need to carry out library passes round with us.
Isabelle, 12, Bucks

I think this method is brilliant. It shall be good that parents are able to find what their kids eat and possibly it may help discover more things. And it will cut down money robbery and bullying. To the inventors, well done! Truly good.
David, 12, Fife

In my old school we tried using finger print scanning in the library - it never worked because people's hands were so dirty!
Bethany, 12, York

I think it's a good idea because I think most parents would worry about what their children would really be eating at school. Also it will minimise bullying and the stealing of money.
Laurie, 15, Birkhill

I think this is a great idea - first of all because yesterday I had my money stolen and secondly because I can have more food one day and nothing the day after.
Saj, 13, Wales

It's a stupid idea. What's the point? It will only get broken and then kids won't get any food!
Maria, 12, Spain

Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!! It's cool. They should make lockers with them on and give them to schools too.
Joe, 12, Corsham

I don't think it's a good idea. You could cheat by using the thumb on your other hand or by using something else.
Darren, 11, Bolton

It might help but it seems really complicated!!!!!!!!! My school has cards which are probably better.
Immy, 12, Tunbridge Wells

I think it is a good - if not slightly unhygienic - method of making kids carry less money. Less money means less bullying and less temptation to steal.
Sonny, 14, Geneva

I like this idea because then the kids who wear them hoods won't be able to steal my lunch money.
Cabe, 10, USA

I've got seven words to say about this and it is.........the worst idea anyone can come up with!!!!
Nosheen, 12, Accrington

I think it's silly because you can get a mate to order junk food for you and you order good food for him so your parents wont know.
David, 11, Marbella

I think it's a great idea because I hate having to carry money all the time.
Carly, 11, Sheffield

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