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Last Updated: Tuesday October 04 2005 16:22 GMT

Quiz: Andy Murray

Andy Murray

Question 1

In what year was Andy Murray born?

A: 1985
B: 1987
C: 1990

Question 2

What was Andy's highest ever junior world ranking?

A: Number one
B: Number two
C: Number three

Question 3

As young player Andy spent a number of years training in a European country, but which one?

A: Italy
B: France
C: Spain

Question 4

Andy's brother is a pretty good tennis player too, but what's his name?

A: Jamie
B: Johnny
C: Ginny

Question 5

Andy reached a final of a top-level men's tournament in his first professional season, but who did he lose to in that final?

A: Lleyton Hewitt
B: Tim Henman
C: Roger Federer

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