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Last Updated: Thursday March 03 2005 18:49 GMT

Are gangs a problem at your school?

A report has revealed that one in five schools thinks it has a problem with 'gang culture'.

Even though evidence for this is rare, pupils carrying knives were reported in one out of four schools.

So do you have gangs at your school? If so, do they intimidate and frighten you, or fight with rival gangs inside and outside your school?

Do you think stricter behaviour rules are needed to stamp them out?

Or do you think the problem with gangs is not as bad as some schools think?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

Gangs are a serious problem out of school for us in London. Getting threatened with a knife is not unusual anymore and attacks are regular.
Adam, 14, London

Some gangs just hang around but most of them smoke, fight and some are just in a gang because they will know where each of them are. Some people get picked on by gangs.
Alesha, 12, Newcastle

Gangs and bullying is a problem in my school but it's not as bad as the staff in my school say it is. Other schools in the country are affected by this and I think the government should do something about it.
Melissa, 9, Portsmouth

The problem at our school is that many of the students have cousins or older siblings so they always threaten that their siblings will beat you up.
Lizzie, 14, London

Gangs aren't a problem at my school because I haven't come across anyone carrying a knife. And our school has over 2000 pupils!
Sarah, 11, Penrith

I don't think that gangs are a big problem at my school. We have people in our school who hang around in groups but they are no trouble.
Kerry, 15, Plymouth

There's no problem at school with gangs, people have groups of friends which is fair enough, but they don't cause problems. No one brings knives into school that I know of. Our school generally has no problems but it could be something to with it not being mixed.
Lauren, 14, Manchester

I think this whole thing has been blown out of control! Most of the people where I live know each other so there isn't really any problem! Most teachers just think it's bully..when it's not!
Sarah, 13, Grimsby

Most people are in gangs but don't realise that they're scaring other people.
Lawrence, 13, Newport

We might have a few gangs at our school, but they don't exactly hang around carrying knives and dangerous weapons. The gangs are normally around the same year group like a group of year 11's, also they aren't particularly a problem to anyone just a group of friends, having a laugh.
Charlotte, 11, Newcastle

My school is full of gangs. They're often fighting. I was involved in a fight once. I know I shouldn't but I don't generally let people get away with saying to me the things they were saying. I'm not in a gang, but I have friends who are. I don't really consider it a problem, people fight wherever you are.
Liz, 14, Swanley

There are gangs of people that are just friends and they talk but the older kids, when there is snow, throw snowballs in groups. Gangs are not a problem in our school.
Ashleigh, 12, Newcastle

We have gangs in our school and sometimes people get left out. Also they are always showing off and getting into trouble. They haven't smoked or been drinking yet but I'll not be surprised if they do.
Beth, 14, Kent

There aren't really gangs at my school, but there are people who hang about and smoke in a threatening way.
James, 13, Manchester

I think gangs are pretty intimidating if you are by yourself! It is impossible to stamp out gangs so I think kids should be taught about gangs in PSE or something!
Jen, 13, Surrey

Gangs aren't a problem at my school, but there are groups, like popular girls, bad or naughty girls, and I think that everyone should hang out together. Gangs are really annoying, because if you're not in one, you're an outcast.
Lauren, 10, Edinburgh

People in our class every year group into a gang but it's just a friend gang. Me and my friends have a name for each gang like the 'Girly Gang' etc.
Marlene, 12, Belfast

There are 2 mains gangs - townies and skaters but most people have their own groups of friends to hang around with.
Rachel, 13, West Sussex

We have gangs at our school but it's not really a problem. I think it's better hanging around with mates than being a larry! As long as you don't cause trouble.
Lisa, 13, Southampton

Some girls just 'join in' and they start smoking. If you don't then these gangs will bully you. I have never been part of a gang but I have never been bullied.
Kerry, 13, London

Whatever school you go to there will be gangs of neds and fights with other schools. It is a fact!
Paul, 12, Glasgow

Yeah, there's a whole load of little cliques and gangs in my school.. There's this big chav-like group who hate me 'cos they think I'm a goth. It's irritating.
Fry, 13, Bristol

In my school we don't really have gangs as such, there are the people you hang out with at lunch and that but not gangs.
Eleanor, 12, Dublin

At my school there are gangs, they get up to no good but nothing too serious. Outside of school I know for a fact they are a nuisance and get in trouble with the police regularly.
Harry, 15, Hertfordshire

It is one of the biggest problems in our school. They pick at whoever they don't think is tall enough and pick on people who wear glasses and braces.
Sabeeta, 13, Bradford

Yeah I guess gangs are a problem. They're mainly townies or chavs, but some are goths/moshers/skaters. I just keep away from them, but I think the worst thing they would carry is a lighter. I would be worried if I thought they carried knives.
Jenny, 14, Sheffield

I'm part of a gang, but probably isn't the sort you're thinking of. We just hang around, no one carries weapons, no one takes drugs or smokes. Most gangs are just groups of friends.
Liam, 13, Manchester

In my school the gangs aren't at war or anything but they do disagree on things like music and boys.
Sarah, 14, Chester

Yes, I am in a gang even. Each class is like a gang. Not against each other though. Sometimes we are. But in our class there are 4 different gangs: cool girls, bad girls: cool boys, bad boys:
Kirstie, 11, Hastings

It's unbelievable how many gangs are in our school. You are intimidated by them because you know how stupid they are and what stupid things they'll do! Like one time, me and my mates were on the school bus out of school and the gang at the back of the bus (upper deck) shot a lighted firework at everyone at the front, including us. It was frightening!
Rachel, 14, Newcastle

Gangs aren't really a problem at our school. We do sometimes get big groups of people but they don't really cause any trouble.
Jack, 13, Scarborough

We have gangs in our school but they don't frighten me. After school they go out drinking alcohol and smoking - something should be done.
Sean, 14, Tyne and Wear

Erm well we have a few gangs - none really violent. Gangs are just groups of mates who hang around together and have a laugh, stick up for each other. We don't think of it as causing trouble, it's just safer to be out and about with a crowd.
Louise, 13, Leicester

Gangs are basically just kids who want to have fun. If they do something wrong they should be punished. We do have gangs in our school but they are ok.
Rachel, 11, Tadworth

There are kids that hang around in gangs but don't cause trouble in school. I don't know what they do out of school though...
Jack, 13, Hull

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