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Last Updated: Wednesday October 05 2005 07:39 GMT

Art is far more interesting than TV

Press Packer Agnes
Press Packer Agnes took part in one of the UK's biggest art events - The Big Draw.

In her report she tells us about her day and why she thinks doing art is far more interesting than watching TV.

"My day started at around 11am when we headed to the Serpentine Gallery in London.

Cityscapes and leaf painting

I helped out lots of younger kids who were painting cityscapes.

Agnes with some of the artwork she helped create at The Big Draw
Agnes with some of the artwork she helped create at The Big Draw
Then I went and did some leaf painting.

We took plain leaves, painted them on the back and then printed with them.

Then we cut out the prints and made a picture from all the cut-outs.

Celebrity graffiti

My favourite part of the day was the 'celebrity frame'.

Famous artists like Quentin Blake, who did the illustrations for Roald Dahl's books, would draw on a canvas and then anyone could add to their drawings.

All the artists were really friendly and they didn't mind people graffiti-ing their work at all!

Friendly atmosphere

We also went along to a Big Draw parade which was packed full of people.

There was a really friendly atmosphere and loads of other kids were there.

Better than TV!

I really enjoy art - it's far more interesting than watching TV.

I'm doing my art GCSE at the moment.

I'm mainly doing drawing, painting and collage.

Getting messy

I also go to art classes with my mates - it's something different to do and there's a really relaxing atmosphere.

Art allows you to express yourself in lots of different ways and the best thing about it is that you can get messy without getting told off!"

Agnes, 14, London

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