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Last Updated: Monday October 03 2005 11:55 GMT

Space tourist docks with station

Greg Olsen

Space tourist Gregory Olsen has reached his unusual holiday destination, the International Space Station.

The US businessman will spend 10 days aboard the ISS, and is the third person to take a holiday there.

He reportedly paid £11m ($19.3m) to take the trip, but is expecting to have to work hard while he's aboard, doing experiments he designed himself.

While in space, Greg will share his experiences with 30 US high school students using a radio signal.

He arrived at the station in a Russian Soyuz rocket, along with two new crew members for the ISS.

Commander William McArthur, from the US, and Russian Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev, will be the station's 12th crew.


The current crew will return to Earth along with Mr Olsen on 11 October.

The two other people who've taken a holiday on the ISS are American Dennis Tito in 2001 and South African Mark Shuttleworth in 2002.